“If you treat a man as he appears to be,you make him worse than he is.
But if you treat a man as if he already were what he potentially could be,
You make him what he is destined to be.”

-Wolfgang Goethe

“If you treat a man as he appears to be,you make him worse than he is.
But if you treat a man as if he already were what he potentially could be,
You make him what he is destined to be.”

-Wolfgang Goethe

Transformational Coaching Program

Unlock Your Hidden Potential


You want to take your life to the next level! Be it relief from pain, or your desire to be youthful and radiantly healthy, dysfunctional beliefs or values you want to change…The Transformational Coaching Program, a holistic and result-oriented approach, focuses on a key issue that once resolved, will turn your life around. It allows you to address the whole spectrum of existence: from physical challenges to emotional issues, mental blocks, financial difficulties and spiritual crisis.

By breaking through unhealthy patterns and removing negative emotions from your energy field, you stop the vicious circle so many are stuck in where they attract similar undesirable circumstances over and over again because their energy field, according to the law of attraction, magnetizes more of the same. So rather than repeating old patterns, you are free to move on to a life of your choice! By reprogramming your subconscious mind with values and beliefs that you consciously choose, your quality of life greatly increases. You will be surprised by how your relationships suddenly improve as if by miracle! You will be able to truly show up in life, be authentic, in alignment with your purpose, and experience the success you have been yearning for!

My pledge to you: I guarantee the desired outcome! As long as you follow through on your assignments and show up for the appointments as scheduled, I will work with you until you have achieved what you came to see me for!

“Today has been the most relaxed, blessed, guilt free day I have spent in my life (to date). I know that there are many more to follow. I love myself. I trust myself… I didn’t think I could do it. I didn’t think I would make it through. God bless you for your patience, perseverance and insight. I am in the most amazing state of gratitude.” Karen L., Retired, USA

Transformational Coaching Program: 5-Step System to Reach Your Desired Outcome!

It Consists of:

  1. Helping you find and define your desired outcome. What is the most important aspect of your life you want to transform? How do you want your life to look?
  2. Discovering the root causes of your issues, pain, blocks and undesirable results of the past.
  3. Uproot the causes of your problems, eliminate dysfunctional beliefs, unconscious values that don’t serve you anymore and negative emotions; reprogram the brain for success and happiness.
  4. Results check: We work together until we both agree that you have achieved your desired state/outcome.
  5. Continued support: Helping you stay on track and resolve any additional issues that may surface.

RESULTS GUARANTEE: If you do the work and work the system, I will work with you until you have achieved your desired outcome!

“I’m so glad I made the decision to do the Transformational Coaching Program with Irma, even though at that time I wasn’t even sure if I’d be able to manage the funds. However, things just fell into place and that’s how I know this was meant to be. It was such a magical experience! I am extremely grateful for the kind of faith and dedication Irma puts into her work. To have her so invested in my life’s journey was inspirational. I definitely feel better. I am a more confident person, more grounded. I have more clarity. I have let go a lot of things. The end result being I feel a lightness of being, a sense of purpose to my life and a feeling of always being guided. I also came to Irma with scoliosis that I was born with, something I thought I’d have to live with. But all the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual work we did cured me of my scoliosis! Now that is not something I have heard of or seen before.” Aishwarya M., Lawyer, India


  • 10 weekly Transformational Coaching sessions, one-on-one.
  • 3 Transformational Healing Sessions
  • Email support between sessions.
  • Assignments between sessions.
  • Especially designed tools and audio-visual support to accelerate and enhance your customized process.

  • Goal Setting
  • Strategic Visualization
  • 3 Hypnosis Recordings to address your specific needs
  • Releasing through Writing
  • Worry Buster
  • And more, according to your particular needs…


  • Guided Meditation
  • E-Book “Live Well, Eat Right” by Chef Dhir, Ayurveda explained in simple terms; contains tri-doshic ayurvedic and detox recipes.

“Irma, you are amazing and truly gifted in helping people overcome their fears, phobias, clarify their vision, re-program and fine tune themselves. This program was a very challenging experience for me, however nothing compared to the many positive changes I made in my life soon thereafter. All sessions were meaningful, impactful and, most importantly, successful by applying a “never give up” attitude. You have a strong positive aura and healing energy. Thank you again for your invaluable trust and help!”

Franck, HR Consultant, Singapore


Call +91 845 200 6951 or email irma@irmabattig.in for details.

“Irma you are an incredible healer. When I met you, because of a slipped disc in my lower back, I couldn’t even move! In the Transformational Coaching Program, you used various different techniques, with a lot of heart and intuition to heal me. And you worked quickly, so deeply, at all levels: it is true, the physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual aspects of my being have been treated …I have really experienced it with you: I have come to understand that these elements are all part of one chain. You are gifted with a vast technical knowledge of the body and a highly intuitive understanding of and approach to what is needed in one’s particular case. The work I have done with you is changing me, I feel and experience it, as you have given me a lot of insights, flashes, tools and deep understanding of how to switch patterns. I feel empowered to send positive and healing messages to myself. Thank you so much Irma! ”

Floy Krouchi, Musician, France