Mind Viruses And Faulty Programs

Children’s’ brains are programmed between the ages of 0 and 6. During the so-called imprint period, children soak up information like sponges. They have no ability to distinguish what is true for them or not. Critical thinking and discernment don’t filter the incoming information yet. (I would argue that the imprint period begins before birth, while in the womb, and that our imprinting also stems from other life times, but let’s limit the discussion to what is currently accepted in mainstream psychology).

If we grew up under ideal circumstances, our programming would be functional and beneficial, producing the desired outcomes. Both our brain hemispheres would be engaged. The communication between the brain and the heart would be open and the latter with its higher wisdom would be in charge. Alas, we are exposed to a lot of faulty and flawed information, in words and actions, just as our parents were. (Indeed, it is not about accusing our progenitors of bad parenting; they also had parents and an environment that was neither ideal nor enlightened.) “Money doesn’t grow on trees” – the belief in scarcity; “people are out there to get you” – fear and mistrust of others. These are just two examples of how we pick up the ingrained beliefs of those around us.

From our families, neighbors and friends we inherit values and belief systems that may not at all contribute toward making our lives joyful and fulfilling. I cannot image that the current values that are drilled into children’s brains will lead to a life worth living. Competing instead of cooperating; focusing on excelling in exams rather than becoming decent human beings; conforming to other people’s expectations and dictates rather than fulfilling their very own potential and life purpose; living in fear instead of in trust; materialism and fame as the measure of success, rather than higher awareness. Such counterproductive values backfire, leading to unhappiness and disease, of the body as well as of the mind, of the individual as of the collective.  But there is hope! Once we uncover the dysfunctional values and beliefs that guide our lives mostly unconsciously, we can change them. Different tools and methods exist to help erase the mind viruses, the faulty programs that keep us trapped in vicious cycles. Once we reprogram our brain with values that we have decided will help us lead the life of our choice, rather than one by default, things around us change for the better. We become conscious, rather than unconscious creators of our reality.