“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. ”

Maya Angelou

“Irma’s love has been beyond the imaginable. Through her love, her kindness and her gift, she has allowed me to be reborn. After 42 years of dread and death, I have been liberated of everything. Finally I live, I am alive!
A life flooded with an altruist, limitless love, a state of completion and happiness, all anchored in the present moment.” A man just happy,

Olivier Vinchon, France

“I am very glad I came. Yay! I learned so much – from the stress buster to the value of listening to letting go of my baggage and become the true me.
I love the wide variety of knowledge – from tai chi to philosophy – and the emphasis given to quick exercises which are ideal for the current pace of life.
Having a group go through it together was also fantastic. I loved the closeness of the group and the camaraderie we shared.
I am committed to letting go of my baggage and am very grateful for all the knowledge you shared with us. It’s been a fantastic experience and I would definitely recommend it to everybody.
Thank you for your generosity, your kindness and your wisdom.
Rohit M.,

Assistant Director, India

“I feel very fortunate to attend this beautiful workshop with Irma and Deepak. The workshop offers countless new insights into the thinking process of human beings. I learned a lot more about myself and also learned various tools to incorporate in my daily life. To live more healthy and completely.

I learned the 5 Tibetan Rites and will add them to my daily routine. I enjoyed the wonderful food served with delightful conversation by our hosts/coaches. Among the best ways to spend a weekend. Thanks for the transforming workshop!”

Preeti Singh,

Philosopher, India

“What I was before and what I am now, after having completed the Transformational Coaching Program, are two different people.
I was in a rut for four years, circling around in the same energy. A psychiatrist diagnosed me with obsessive compulsive disorder. I was dependent on antidepressant, took sleeping pills and a mood stabilizer. I was numb, I couldn’t feel anything. And my hands were trembling from the medication.
Now, after the Transformational Coaching Program, it’s totally different. I am off the medication. The way I look at life and the way I approach it are completely different. I don’t obsess anymore. I have become a more positive and stronger person. Now I move forward, I am not looking back. It’s an awakening!”

Nikhil Sainani,

Marketing, India

“Irma helped me change the way I feel about myself and the way I see things. For the first time in a very long time I feel like my body and mind are finally in synch. She has helped me lay a foundation to build something brilliant. She has helped me to help myself and I look forward to life and my future with excitement!”

Nihal A,


“I am feeling a lot more self-confident, beautiful and worthy of love. I am so happy, so much more loving, and communicative. I feel much lighter, especially since our remote healing session.”

N. Munshi,

Financial Advisor,India

“I was a bit skeptical at first, but was open to any help I could receive. Your Transformational Coaching Program opened my inner eyes to a world of possibilities for myself. You are a very patient, understanding and warm person. It was through your guidance that I accepted myself and set a new path for myself. I am forever grateful.”

Tesh Malhotra,

Actor, India

“Irma, you are amazing and truly gifted in helping people overcome their fears, phobias, clarify their vision, re-program and fine tune themselves. Transformational Coaching was a very challenging experience for me, however nothing compared to the many positive changes I made in my life soon thereafter. All sessions were meaningful, impactful and, most importantly, successful by applying a “never give up” attitude. You have a strong positive aura and healing energy. Thank you again for your invaluable trust and help!”



“I am so grateful I met Irma. I would strongly recommend her, even to persons who think they have no issues in their life but only a knee injury… well it’s never “only a knee injury” !! Her approach to healing is unique and powerful. Irma teaches her knowledge generously and shares the keys to fill your heart with love. My life and relationships took a new path and are now even more beautiful. Irma, I can’t thank you enough.”


Business Owner, India

“Letting Go – Dropping Old Baggage” is a milestone in my journey of self-development. I am so grateful to Irma for conducting such a wonderful workshop – the one I was able to finish! It was a big deal because I have enrolled for so many and wasn’t able to finish any. This is definitely one big step up! Also, I am taking with me wonderful tools that will help me cope better and deal with situations from a space of love. God bless you .”

Prachi Dutta,

Homemaker, India

“Irma’s treatments are amazing! I went to her because I was dealing with a lot of stress and a severe case of tinnitus. I looked forward to treatments with her and have not been able to find any substitute since we left Mumbai.”

Karan K.,

Consultant, Singapore

“Your sessions are very helpful and relaxing for me – they create a feeling of expansion in me. Emotional wounds just evaporate ….vanish! I become clearer and calmer to take steps guided by my inner voice. Thank you so much for your healing: subtle, deep and profound … I am so happy to have met you!”

Aaraty M.,

Teacher, India

“This workshop with Irma and the group was the declic I needed at this point in my life. It has been like a big load of optimism and light. The explanations, the concepts and the tools Irma is teaching are sometimes mind blowing for a person who always wanted to be in control, down to earth and who did not listen to my heart anymore. I feel lighter. It is not only a feeling but a physical perception. I know it’s an ongoing process that takes time to settle in your everyday behavior and approach toward life. I am happy to now have tools to help me make this change. The atmosphere of the group also created a great energy. I would recommend the seminar “Letting Go – Dropping Old Baggage” to anyone. It is a real life’s gift. Thank you, Irma! ”



“Attended Life Positive Workshop in Mumbai in December 2012 along with my wife and daughter. Irma Battig‘s session was very useful with particular reference to LIGHT MEDITATION(LM). It has been possible to include the LM in our daily Yoga Sadhana. It has contributed to deeper practice .It is just wonderful. Let all embrace this LM pratice and heal themselves and the world at large. Anybody who attends the sessions conducted by Irma is bound to gain immensely from them.”

R.K. Palhan

Ceo, Delhi School of Yoga, India

“Letting Go – Dropping Old Baggage” has helped me get in touch with the real me inside. The tools helped me forgive a lot of people, release a lot of stuck energy and connect with my heart wisdom. I now look forward to using these techniques in my everyday life and enriching it further.”

Harshada Desai,

Yoga Teacher, India

“Thank you for your sharing, insight and hospitality, Irma. Thank you too, Deepak for the wonderful meals, tea, your insights and overall to both of you and all the participants (now friends!) for a lovely weekend. ”

Suneet A,


“Irma is the perfect antidote to the normal, everyday chaos that comes with city life. Once you create a mental oasis with her, you’ll find it hard to believe that you lived without one.”


Film Maker, India

“I whole heartedly recommend Irma Battig. Many expats including me swear by her touch and intuitiveness.”

Caroline Ammon,


“Thanks again for the wonderful weekend and working your magic, once again! Not only have I leant some great new tools for dealing with negative energy and emotions, I have found some amazing meditational practices that I know will help me to change the way I start each day, and that is with a positive attitude and motivation. I have been feeling really great! I plan to use some of the methods you taught over the weekend to rid myself of negative thoughts/energy. I love the 5 Tibetan Rites sequence. I’ve also been spreading the love with my family by sending them a daily quote of which I noted throughout the weekend!”

Melissa Kotovski,


“A wonderful experience to live my life with plenty of energy. Would like to share this with my family and friends.”

Aarti Chug,


“I did “Letting Go – Dropping Old Baggage” earlier this year and I found the exercises and structure very useful. I particularly liked the 5 Tibetan Rites, Healing Codes and releasing techniques. The energy of the workshop was wonderful.”

Geeta Rao,

Writer, India

“Irma is very skilled, dedicated, gifted, and tuned into energy. In my 1 1/2 hour massage with her, she helped me go to the physical, emotional, and spiritual places I needed to go to, and as a result my energy was re-balanced. I trusted her to be present to whatever I needed. I highly recommend her.”

Mona Barbera

Couples Therapist/Writer, USA

“Working with Irma both in the “Letting Go – Dropping Old Baggage” seminar as well as Results Coaching has been an incredible inward journey, helping me reconnect with my own truth. In the busy day-to-day it became easy for me to forget how to connect with myself. This disconnect slowly began manifesting itself in negative ways which seemed beyond my understanding. Yet in the last few weeks under Irma’s guidance, there has been a return to the healing qualities of love, forgiveness and peace all of which are crucial for a lasting sense of inner happiness. Not only is Irma perceptive and caring, she also radiates beauty that is healing in itself!”

A. Rao.,

Student, USA

“I can recommend Irma without reservation.”

E. Bentley

M.D., D.O., USA

“I have had debilitating menstruation pain and hormone imbalances in my body for the last 15 years. After having a couple of sessions with Irma, I felt a lot of past trauma shift out of my body and mind. Like water, her energy has a gentle strength that is rejuvenating. Irma’s knowledge is thorough and her approach to healing is holistic and empowering.”

Marisol Da Silva – Australia

” ”From Catterpillar to Butterfly” is simply WoW !!! I was quite literally able to ”drop off my Old Baggage”. All the processes were just fabulous. They were so simple that even a lay-woman like me could enjoy them easily and derive benefit from them.
1. Practicing gratitude: Initially I was finding it difficult to recollect more than two things to be grateful about… Irma’s patient nudge, and my list became endless!
2. The ”Forgiveness Process” did a lot for me personally. I was able to let go: let go not only of assigning blame; rather let go of ”being the victim’. I was able to take full responsibility for Self and in a single moment I experienced being Liberated, Lighter, Brighter, Expanded and Empowered. I was able to let go of my long-standing grudge, and suddenly I envisioned the same person (whom I had hated earlier) ‘washed in white light’ and as innocent as a little child! WoW, wOw, WoW – what a shift within me :):):)

3. I also suddenly realized that I do not need approval from others for every action of mine.
4. The ”Worry Buster” helped me ERASE as much as THREE Main Worries of mine…… WoW what value for money!!!!! as well as time :):):)
5. I was enabled to make friends with my emotions, as in ”realize them for what they are…”, and ”re-cognise” them from ”under the covers…. the dark”.
6. I realized that any event, whether in past, present or future, is NEUTRAL. The E-motions, such as, Fear or Shame are SEPARATE from the memory. I was taught to do this separation and eventually I succeeded at my negative E-motion being FLAT……. SUPERBBBB !!!!!
7. The RE-FRAMING Process was excellent at helping me deal with my issues with people, my mom specifically. Her bull-dozing and dominating behavior, I now ”RE-FRAMED” and ”Re-viewed” as rather HELPFULL and SUPPORTIVE.
8. I am now able to celebrate all my successes, however, small or big.
9. I am feeling less and less triggered by the outside – people, comments, advice, so on and so forth. I am the new Centered Me! 🙂
10. My litmus test has been with my parents and my son, and I have emerged victorious…:-) 🙂 Thanks….. Irma, Deepak, The Universe and this wonderful and Be-U-ti-FULL Workshop! Really looking forward to enjoying the Second Module!”

Pooja Ch.,


“I have never felt as relaxed as after this session with Irma. I am floating on a cloud!”


Restaurant Owner, USA

“Today has been the most relaxed, blessed, guilt free day I have spent in my life (to date). I know that there are many more to follow. I love myself. I trust myself… I didn’t think I could do it. I didn’t think I would make it through. God bless you for your patience, perseverance and insight. I am in the most amazing state of gratitude.”

Karen L,

Retiree, USA

“Working with Irma as a Results Coach was a wonderful experience. I got to see how some of my values were conflicting and holding me back from the success I wanted. We worked through each of them in carefully crafted processes that helped me feel more integrated. The sessions enabled me to connect with my sense of worth. With that I have been able to approach my work with more confidence and enthusiasm.”

Debra Joy,

Life Coach, USA

“Your are a very clear and pure channel for Reiki.”

V. Leamer

Reiki Master, Costa Rica

“When I was pregnant with my second child, my mother-in-law gave me gift certificates for a series of massages from Irma. She knew it was the best gift she could present me with, as I had come to see Irma during my first pregnancy and had gotten so much relaxation and relieve from pregnancy related aches from her pre-natal massages!”

Lisa K.,

Teacher, USA

“A 30 min. coaching session with Irma has enabled me to now respond thoughtfully to people in challenging situations. Previously, I would get angry and react impulsively. I finally overcame this life-long issue and am now calm and composed, and feel confident of handling any situation professionally. – That’s not all. She helped me quit smoking and drinking coffee. And thanks to her work with me, I stopped snoring! Irma is the one-stop shop for amazing life changing results!”

D. A,

Restaurant Manager, USA

“I had a vertebra that was about an inch to the side of my spinal column, causing me constant pain. In only one session, my sister managed to align my spine. My regular therapist was amazed when she saw me the next time and wanted to know what had happened, since she had tried for over a year to get that results.”

M. Battig,

Business Owner, Canada

“Sincerely grateful to you, Irma! Your Transformational Coaching Program has re-booted my life with a brand new operating system! The sessions brought me to recognize how I was perhaps my own worst enemy and helped me release all those self-destructive and self-sabotaging tendencies. Even whilst undergoing the sessions, I began to see concrete results flowing into my life by the way of prestigious work assignments. The tools you provided led me to recognize and release old fears, develop a warm and loving relationships with myself and attract miracles into my life. My life has opened up to endless and exciting possibilities, and I wake up each day to an empowered, liberated and happier me! Thank you for your warmth and loving guidance!” Nandita,

Development Sector Specialist, India

“Dear Irma,
Thank you for helping me see life once again, clear as never before and for helping me to understand myself, my feelings and relationships. You have been my guide, in one of the hardest times of my life. I have never imagined that something that started with one purpose would take me and my family on a path of healing and self-discoveries. Your Transformational Coaching Program changed my life, and it’s just at the beginning…
For those moments of overwhelming happiness and these first real laughs I will stay forever grateful.
With love,”

Maja B.,


“Dear Irma
It’s been a great class and good group of people. Your teaching style is effective and relaxed. It’s been insightful and a life changing experience! I will incorporate the lessons learnt in my daily life. Thank you for everything. Your wisdom and help along with my effort will change my life. Thank you for the happiness you have brought into my life and for initiating my journey of awareness.” Payal B.,

Business Owner, India

“You have made a big difference in my life. God bless you!” Manoj,

HR, India

“Thank you for being caring, wanting to bring changes into our lives so that we become wholesome and happy. I see you as an angel.” Manisha Koirala,

Actress, India

“I had a back and knee problem for the past three years that just wouldn’t heal… After a month of the Tibetan rites performed daily, I have forgotten that I ever had a problem…it’s just strange, it’s disappeared. Also I realized how much more serene, happy and healthier I feel from inside. I can’t thank you enough for making me discover this practice.”



“It has been little more than a moth since I met you for a healing session. It has had a tremendous effect. I have been free of the back pain that I had for more than 6 months (could not even sleep at nights) before undergoing this session. I would like to thank you for this and for teaching me the 5 Tibetans. It has worked wonders for me. It would not have been possible to undertake it without you modifying the steps to suit my body condition. It has been great communicating with you; I have always received your help, even on the phone. I would like to thank you once again and wish more and more people may get the benefit from your healing abilities. I would also like to compliment you for the hospitality shown by you, it felt like at home.”


Engineer, India

“This was a lovely Massage. “

Aamir Khan,

Actor, India

“Your transformational Coaching is helping me tremendously. Tremendously!”



“Our sessions combining Craniosacral Therapy  and talking were very powerful for me. I hope you know what a powerful healer you really are.”

Dr. Michael Egan,

Dentist, USA

“A skeptic and a cynic is how my friends would describe me a short while ago. I took the cynicism and skeptic outlook with me to Alibag, to take part in “Imagine Yourself-Creating a New Vision”. As the workshop progressed, I found answers to lot of questions that had been bothering me for years. I feel liberated from sweating the small stuff and have been focusing my time, my emotions and most importantly, my energy, on areas I had neglected in the past. I feel free, positive and enthusiastic about what lies ahead! Thank you, Irma…for an enlightened, liberated me! “

Neepa Kapadia,

Chef, India

“Thank you so much for the wonderful weekend and for the tremendous amount you gave to us not just in knowledge but also of yourself and your energy! I learnt so much and I feel I have taken the first step towards whatever is ‘now’ there for me! Thanks again also to Deepak for the love he put into making food for us.”

Chantal Norton,

Writer, India

“Today, after two days of “Letting Go – Dropping Old Baggage”, I am light, happy and burden free! I have a direction and focus and don’t worry about the future, but live in the present. That makes me very happy and calm. I am loving the New Me! ”

Deep Gogna,


“Thank you for the miracle session. I felt tremendous relief and more connected to myself and the Universe than I have in a long time! ”

Irmela Futehally,

Artist, India

“Irma is the most talented and pragmatic healer I have ever met. I hope each one is fortunate to receive light from and through Irma. She is gifted in many ways. She has the profound ability to steer energies of great masters of the highest order from all known religions. These energies are the divine and help those who wish to be healed at a subtler level. Her understanding of the flow of these divine energies comes to her naturally. On many occasions during the Craniosacral therapy, I felt a wonderful balancing of the right and left hemisphere of my brain occur. It felt like my head became a fluid. Her power of intention is perfect. She is able to heal many lifetimes in those she lays her grace on. The speed and quantum of change is enormous, you feel it instantly. If you are serious about healing yourself, hers is the right door to knock. I thank her for doing this work for many of us! Irma, thank you for your wonderful therapy. It has changed my life! I hope I am blessed to receive more healing and coaching from you. God bless and best wishes.”

Rahuul Dethe,

HR, India

“I second the Irma recommendation wholeheartedly. My flat mate has been seeing her with tremendous success and bought me a session with her as a birthday gift. I just saw her yesterday for the first time and had a literally life-changing session. Even back in California where every second person you meet is a massage therapist or healer of some sort she would stand out as a gem, but in Mumbai… I’d look no further.”

David Poznanter

Acrobat and Trainer, USA

“I am glad to finally being able to tackle the multiple issues, both past and present that have been weighing on my mind. I finally have practical, usable tools rather than abstract concepts. I am finally tackling my pain, acknowledging it and understanding it. Thank you for showing me the light at the end of the tunnel!”

N. N.,


“Thank you, Irma, for your most useful workshop. I have taken away so much from your workshop thanks to your generosity in sharing so many techniques. Have shared them with a couple of friends, and plan to share them with my sisters and niece as well my colleagues. I have been doing the Tibetan Rites for the last couple of days and have been feeling really good about it. I had in fact been looking for a compact exercise regimen that would keep me fit and this fits the bill beautifully. I too have been doing the gratitude exercise as well as the light meditation. I have also been doing the worry buster and the healing codes. Hey, that is quite a lot of things. I think that calls for a pat on the back:-). Overall, after the workshop I have been feeling so much more loving towards myself. What you said about each of us having a six-year-old inside has really sunk in. So each time the six-year-old wants to eat something inappropriate or feels hurt or unappreciated I respond lovingly and understandingly, so that we are pretty much on the same page on most things rather than locked in battle. Thank you! That is a precious. My health is also better and I am feeling less pain in my joints so that calls for another big thank you! It was wonderful being in your gentle, caring presence, Irma. Deepak was also most helpful with his comments. And of course his wonderful food will be long cherished. It was great meeting all the participants too. I have enjoyed these two days! Thank you so much for them. Good luck and take care until we meet again.”

Suma Varughese,

Editor-in-Chief “Life Positive”, India

“This was magical for me, Irma! Thank you”



“Thanks for the session with my mom … her blood pressure went down from 130 on 100 to 119 on 57 after her session with you … amazing! And she is now very open to seeing someone and talking to someone about a few things when she heads home … a great result given she was very resistant before!!”



“Irma has the most amazing hands, the softest of touch, which are gentle and firm at the same time as they glide over your body, identifying all the blocks in your body. I experienced a huge shift in my first session itself where she worked on releasing past traumas – making me feel light and free for the first time in years.”

Vijaylakshmi Nadar,

Dep. Editor, Life Positive, India

“I never believed in any kind of alternate therapies, but after a session with Irma, I actually started believing in miracles! I realized the amount of fear I had inside me, because of which I faced so many issues in my personal and professional life. Irma made me realize with her magical touch that I can release all my fears and be free to live my life well.”

Ashutosh Tiwari,

IT, India

“I have been feeling much lighter since the seminar, more relaxed and in touch with myself. I had a lot of realizations and I was able to let go, and to forgive. I feel a lot calmer, I sleep well. I am happy! And I am making it a habit to use the tools I have learned.”


“Thank you, Irma, for helping my husband recover from cancer and the effects of chemotherapy.”

Donna M.

Business Owner, USA

“Irma Battig is not only an incredible body worker, but one of the most gifted light workers I have ever come across. Irma has a very nurturing touch, she is highly intuitive and provides an unlimited space for the client to explore during a session. Irma has been very instrumental in my journey. I have become so impressed with her that I have brought her into the Sacred Journey Institute to become one of my first teachers. She has helped many students along their path. Irma brings great passion into her work. She comes from the heart, not only with her work, but with everything she does. Irma has not only become a great therapist and teacher. She has become one of my most valued friends!”

Don Massat

Owner; Beyond Wellness and Sacred Journey Institute, USA

“Irma is an amazing massage therapist. She has the best hands I have ever experienced!”

Gabriela Winkler

PR Consultant, Switzerland

“Irma is an amazing massage therapist. She has the best hands I have ever experienced!”

G. Winkler,

PR Consultant, Switzerland

“Irma Battig brings a wealth of knowledge and extensive life experience to her healing work. Incredibly perceptive and deeply personable, she will connect you to your hidden potential for wellness, and to your personal power that will change your life for the better. Don’t miss the chance to work with her.”

D. Ramsden,

Healer and Teacher, USA

“I continue to have all kinds of energy flowing through me this week. It’s been amazingly good and life changing. That treatment really released things. Thank you again and again!”

J. Schmidt,

Music Therapist, USA

“I stopped being dizzy half an hour into our craniosacral session. This is after a month of going from doctor to doctor, undergoing one test after the other, and not even getting a diagnostic, let alone a cure! I wish I had followed my wife’s recommendation and had come to see you earlier…”

Ross T.,

Project Manager, USA

“With her extensive knowledge and training in body work and holistic well being, Irma is at the top of her profession. The other amazing work Irma does is her Transformational Coaching. She has truly facilitated a deep transformation within me. I feel more in control of my life and the direction I am headed in pursuing my dreams. After just one coaching session with Irma I witnessed a change. I started cleansing, replacing the old with something new. – I believe Healers are put on this Earth to help the rest of us who need to be awakened to a greater consciousness. When you are fortunate enough to come into contact with one like Irma, you become full of gratitude for the amazing life changing impact this individual has had on your life…Thank you Irma!”

Cynthia Arenbart,

Actor, USA

“I had sinus problems all my life; as a kid I spent my summers in sanatoriums in the Swiss Alps because of it. Irma’s work not only cleared my sinuses; she helped me address the emotional issues that were at the root of the problem!”

Marcel P.,

Marketing Specialist, Costa Rica

“I don’t know what you did but it’s a true miracle!!! My boss told me yesterday in front of all my colleagues that I did an excellent job – he was very happy with my work. My husband came back from London and he opened up to me like never before and talked about my change and how it’s changing him and it was truly amazing. My kids are so well behaved it’s unbelievable – I really don’t know what you have done but everything we spoke about has come true somehow! I want to thank you so much for all your positive energy and everything you must be doing behind the scenes to make this happen for me – thank you so much.”

S. J., Attorney,


“I’m so glad I made the decision to do Results Coaching with Irma, even though at that time I wasn’t even sure if I’d be able to manage the funds. However, things just fell into place and that’s how I know this was meant to be. It was such a magical experience! I am extremely grateful for the kind of faith and dedication Irma puts into her work. To have her so invested in my life’s journey was inspirational. I definitely FEEL better. I am a more confident person, more grounded. I have more clarity. I have let go a lot of things. The end result being I feel a lightness of being, a sense of purpose to my life and a feeling of always being guided. I also came to Irma with scoliosis that I was born with, something I thought I’d have to live with. But all the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual work we did cured me of my scoliosis! Now that is not something I have heard of or seen before.”

Aishwarya M.,

Lawyer, India

“I am a completely new person compared to what I was before meeting Irma: down in energy, no drive for anything, feeling miserable because of my thyroid issue. As soon as I met Irma, I changed completely, from the first session. It’s a different me, full of energy, lots of positive thoughts, lots of strength. I don’t feel like I have that thyroid issue anymore that was stuck in my head. It’s like magic! You are like an angel to me. I am a different person.” Amit Hingorani,

Head of Operations, Australia

“This workshop has been an amazingly rewarding experience. I have had several AHA moments, like the fact that I have a pain body and I don’t have to give in to it, and continue feeding it, that I can heal myself and that I don’t have to live with pain, guilt, fear in my life.
The ability to release and live in the now is the greatest gift this workshop has given me. Life is a bunch of wonderful possibilities now!” Anushka H.,

Interior Designer, India

“It was an incredibly fun and informative workshop. I would highly recommend it to all the caterpillars aspiring to be butterflies and all the butterflies aspiring to fly higher and for longer duration. I am much more in the now because of these two days and feel closer to my heart. I feel happier and lighter and appreciate my life much more than ever before. I love me so much! I am the best! Irma is like an angel who helped me fly higher. Thanks!” Shiraz Penangwala,

Actor, India

“Well planned and really excellently executed workshop! I am hoping to bring forth great and better changes in my and all other lives going forward.” Nina Srewvalla,

Manager, India

“I benefit every day from the work we did together. I will forever be thankful to God for putting you in my path and making me open to the work we did. I felt reluctant, skeptical and even angry at times but somehow I still showed up again and again. I only wish I had a way to help others find the kind of peace I now understand. You are special Irma, and I am sure you are continuing to help those you come across in ways they cannot yet understand. Thank you my teacher, you are amazing!”

L. Reifsteck,

Business Owner, USA

“When it comes to personal development and the pursuit of happiness – I have tried it all! Kinesiology, psychology, past life regression, hypnotherapy, yoga, meditation, seminars, audio programs, books… the list goes on! Having experimented with almost everything across multiple countries over the past 5 years, there are only 2 people who have had a profound and lasting impact on my life: The world renowned Anthony Robbins… And Irma Battig! Anthony helped unleash my full potential – gave me a second chance at life and helped me create the life of my dreams. Irma gifted me with the inner peace to enjoy it! She helped me lay to rest the demons of my past, find my true self and unlocked my inner power through a level of self awareness and consciousness that has completely transformed my experience of life! How blessed we are by her many gifts! ”

Emily Harrison

Business Owner, India

“Thank you. My back pain is gone! I think you come closest to what I have thought magicians were….”

Lisa T.

Consultant, India

“Irma is the best spiritual healer and the best therapeutic massage therapist I have come across. She has great counselling and diagnosing skills. She carries out her work very professionally, with lot of human touch. I feel blessed to know her.”

Harsh Malik,

Engineer, India

“I loved my treatments with you and wanted to thank you for educating me about water quality and encouraging me to buy the Nikken PiMag filter. It has made a huge difference to our family’s health and we have you to thank for that.”



“Irma, I can’t thank you enough for the retreat! This morning I looked at the vision board and I thought I had created my own tarot card reading for the foreseeable future. I felt so empowered! ”

Raj Wadwani

Business Owner, UK

“The session had a clarifying effect on me in terms of directing my energy in the immediate future. How wonderful! Feeling focused and will keep my awareness on the heart center.”

Jill J. Majeski,


“I would love for my loved ones to go through this workshop, as this would give the basic spiritual requirements and awareness towards maintaining a balance in one self and relatedness with the world in a healthy manner.”

Massarat Fakih,

Business Owner, India

“Irma’s ‘Letting Go – Dropping Old Baggage” workshop provided many practical techniques to release old patterns. These techniques enable me to move beyond identifying and wallowing in the unproductive patterns and negative reactions and present some real steps to help shift my energies. After two days I feel lighter and as if my heart has opened up to finding my true passions”

Jennifer C.,


“I am so glad that I did “Letting Go – Dropping Old Baggage”! Today it makes me feel like a new person. My prayers were answered. It’s exactly what I needed. It’s not just motivating but it gives you tools that make everything very achievable!”

Honey Lulla,

Stylist, India

“Thank you very much for a wonderful weekend. The exercises were particularly useful and don’t need much time but are very effective. Thanks to Deepak for the amazing food. Interacting with the group, different perspectives and the sharing was very nice. Thank you for sharing and for the teaching.”

Rashmi Gupta,

Yoga Teacher, India

“Irma is incredible. One of the best I’ve seen in the world!”

Radhika Thakkar,

Business Development, India

“By learning how to attract positive energy, by learning how to let go and center myself, my chakras, I feel like I have been given a powerful tool to make my life full of positive and beautiful vibrations. Thank you is all I can say, for making me see and realize that the love and happiness that I seek is already in me. I just need to recognize it, find it and release it into the universe for it to come back to me.”

R. B.,


“Irma you are an incredible healer. When I met you, because of a slipped disc in my lower back, I couldn’t even move! You used various different techniques, with a lot of heart and intuition to heal me. And you worked quickly, so deeply, at all levels: it is true, the physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual aspects of my being have been treated …I have really experienced it with you: I have come to understand that these elements are all part of one chain. You are gifted with a vast technical knowledge of the body and a highly intuitive understanding of and approach to what is needed in one’s particular case. The work I have done with you is changing me, I feel and experience it, as you have given me a lot of insights, flashes, tools and deep understanding of how to switch patterns. I feel empowered to send positive and healing messages to myself. Thank you so much Irma! ”

Floy Krouchi

Musician, Composer, France

“I enjoyed “Letting Go – Dropping Old Baggage” a lot. It has given me insights to grow on greener pastures.”



“I called Irma as I had chronic neck pain and a severe shoulder ache which I had been suffering with for years. Within just 4 or 5 sessions with Irma all my physical bodily aches had disappeared. She also did Results Coaching with me and this has changed my life completely. Before meeting Irma, I was really unhappy both at work and at home – I felt like there was nothing to live for. Since our sessions I can truly say that she has helped me find my calling – now I can’t wait to quit my job so that I can pursue my dream. I am also happier in my relationship with my husband and children. I have a bounce in my step and a constant smile in my heart – I don’t know what she has done but I am always happy – nothing gets me down!”


Lawyer, India

“The day my aunt handed me the gift certificate I had to come see you even though I had no clue about the kind of work you did. So I came with faith and lots of curiosity. We completed our first session and I was ready to hop out when you gave me an insight into something I had always felt, but not had anyone put that feeling in words, least of all ‘understand’ it. That was all it took. I was hooked. I had no hesitation in deciding to go ahead and have you as my Results Coach. It just intuitively felt right and looking back I’m so glad I made that decision even though at that time I wasn’t even sure if I’d be able to manage the funds. However, things just fell into place and that’s how I know this was meant to be.

I am extremely grateful for the kind of faith and dedication you put into your work. All that we did in Results Coaching was such a magical experience. To have you so invested in my life’s journey was inspirational. I definitely FEEL better. I am a more confident person, more grounded. I have more clarity. I have let go a lot of things. The end result is that I feel a lightness of being, a sense of purpose to my life and a feeling of always being guided.

I also came to you with scoliosis (curvature of the spine) that I was born with, something I thought I’d have to live with. But all the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual work we did cured me of my scoliosis!!!!!! Now that is not something I have heard of or seen. Believe it!

Thank you, Irma, once again for being a part of my ‘blueprint’. It was a pleasure to have you guide me through this wonderful journey. God bless!”

A. Menon

Lawyer, India

“Since the “Letting Go – Dropping Old Baggage” seminar, I am living in the moment. Rather than reacting, I come up with a way to tackle situations from a more connected space. I feel less stressed. I am rebuilding faith in myself. That prepares me to do what feels right, live out my responsibilities in a calm manner. I am now able to tap into my heart, feel more empathy and allow myself to be vulnerable, which gives me more strength.”


Lawyer, India

“That was certainly one of the most powerful coaching/bodywork sessions I have ever had! It’s miraculous to me that a few well-chosen words can be the key that opens a whole new world of clarity and understanding. And your presence, guidance, gentleness of touch and spirit, and reverence for my process was deeply healing for me. Thank you.”

Adele Cox,

Somatic Life Coach, USA

“Irma’s magical hands have saved my life.”

A. Scherrer,

CFO, Switzerland

“Irma’s caring hands and heart brought me through a time of grief, painful life transitions and severe physical health challenges. I have experienced healing on every level, I am off nine out of the ten prescription drugs I was taking and have found a new path.”

D. Noriega,

Certified Massage Therapist, USA

“My lumbar disc injuries would put me to bed for days after strenuous exercises like playing handball or motor bike riding, my favorite hobbies. Also, I was depressed, wanted to quit smoking and generally improve my lifestyle. After two months of working with Irma, I had improved my diet, went to bed at regular times, felt a lot better about myself and my life and my need to smoke was almost gone! For the first time in years, I could go on a weeklong motorbike trip and go to work the next day without any pain!”

Kurt S.,

Controller, Switzerland

“I had no sensation in my low back for almost a year. None of the doctors and therapists I consulted could help me. Even though I did not tell Irma about my back condition before our session, she intuitively started working in that area. I felt my sensation coming back and after only one session, it is as if I had never had a back problem at all! I am in awe.”

F. Belodeau,

Film Maker, France

“Irma Battig effectively treated my TMJ in a few Craniosacral sessions. Due to her healing hands the pain is now completely gone, much to my relief!”

Ruth von Goertz,

Retiree, USA

“I went to see Irma because of ruptured disks in my low back. They prevented me from leading a normal, active life and made me spend up to a month in bed at a time, unable to move. Now, I can do things I didn’t consider possible anymore: I can hike, dance and even ski without any pain! To top it off, the emotional blockages that Irma freed in me during the treatments also opened me up to love and I have found a wonderful companion; she is very sporty and I could not have shared her hobbies a few months ago. Now I am right there with her on the ski slopes! Irma also helped me realize that my stressful job contributed to my physical problems and I now have the courage to look for another position that suits me better. I am happy and enjoy a great life, thank you!”

M. Mattli

Engineer, Switzerland

“Irma is an amazing healer. Along with Craniosacral Therapy, she combines various modalities like Massage, NLP, Psycho ¬Kinesiology, Reiki etc. When I started working with her I was hyper acidic, my cholesterol was 550 and blood sugar was 400 and every part of my body ached. After she worked on me and gave me a program to follow, I quit smoking and drinking, very naturally followed healthy habits and regained my health. My back and my knees are now doing great and I am pain free. I am alive today because of her. She gave me back my life. Try her out, you may get yours back too.”

Harish A,

Business Owner, USA

“Irma Battig’s method of non-abrasive assistance in difficult soul processes has helped me tremendously to reach the next step in my personal development. Her gentle and intuitive approach to healing is unique and very powerful. I am glad I have found her.”

Evie Sullivan,

Journalist, USA

Hi Irma,
I want to write to you about all the changes that have taken place in the past few months after I finished the Results Coaching program and Level 1 “Letting Go – Dropping Old Baggage” with you.

• I had severe itching on my legs for a year. Absolutely no clue why. I realized much later that it disappeared after our first few sessions!
• Setting boundaries with people: It so helped in letting people know how far they could go.
• I have begun to enjoy meditation now, something which used to make me very restless.
• I definitely have more faith. It is a ‘knowing’ deep inside. Every time I feel like me and my life are going to fall apart, there is a stern tug deep within that tells me otherwise, and in that very moment, it’s taken care of, like there is no going back to that place of despair.
• The gratitude and success exercise which I have been doing sincerely since January have really worked. In the beginning, I could barely think of the seven I was supposed to find. Now it sometimes runs into 40-50!!! Amazing!
• I am more assertive with people. I am not as afraid of voicing my opinions. I am more aware of the way I behave with people, of my interactions with them and I catch myself when I may be slipping and try to rectify it then and there instead of lamenting.
• I have embraced my wild curls 🙂
• I am realizing the importance of a work / life balance and that taking some time off work helps me stay motivated and increases productivity at work.
• The ‘coincidences’ in my life have definitely increased, leading me to believe I am ‘in sync’ with the universe.
• My new house is lovely! It takes me just about 10 minutes from home to the station. I save almost an hour; I have gratitude pouring out of me all the way to the station 🙂 It’s nothing short of a miracle in a place like Bombay where commute can be such a pain. I have been there, so I am extremely thankful!
• Work: this counsel thing has come at the right time. I get to focus on pure law, that’s a luxury. I am focusing on taking each day as it comes, instead of fretting about the future. Whatever I end up doing, I know I’ll be fine and happy.

big hug,


Counselor, India

“The Transformational Coaching Program has put me on a path that encourages me to become a better person to myself, and in return be a better person to all. It has made me dig deep and work with my fears, insecurities and deal with them at a granular level. I am looking forward to the next phase of my life!” P. Singh, India