The brain performs different activities in different states.  Our healing capacity depends on the brain waves we are in.

The  beta  waves  range  from 13 to  60  pulses  per  second. At  that  frequency,  we  are  alert, even agitated, tense or afraid. The alpha state – 7 to 13 pulses per second – represents the gateway  to  the  subconscious.  We  are  relaxed  physically  and  mentally  and  may  be daydreaming or meditating. The theta state with its 4 to 7 pulses per second puts us in a state of somnolence with reduced consciousness, in deep meditation or in REM sleep. This is the  realm  of  the  subconscious  mind  which  we also  experience  momentarily  when  we  drift into  sleep  or  wake up. This  brain frequency  provides  access to  great inspiration,  profound creativity and exceptional insight. When we are in deep, dreamless sleep, the brain works at 0.1  to  4  cycles  per  second.  This  state  called  delta  is  the  realm  of  the  unconscious  mind where awareness is fully detached. Not spending enough time in this wave, in deep sleep, is detrimental to your health. Unfortunately, many don’t sleep long or deeply enough to access the delta state. As a consequence, their bodies and minds break down faster as  the brain fails to heal itself.

We  are  accustomed  to  spending  most  our  time  in  the  beta  state,  which  explains  why  so many  people  are stressed and  have difficulties falling asleep. To learn more and faster, as well as to heal, the alpha state is the place to be! Meditation and relaxation exercises that bring our mind into a state of calmness and balance achieve this purpose.

Therefore, to help a client heal, I endeavor to put the client’s brain in a alpha or theta state. This  can  be  achieved  through  various  modalities,  including  hypnosis.  My  favorite  is craniosacral therapy, a gentle yet very powerful healing modality that was practiced in the temples of ancient Egypt and rediscovered in the last century. By tuning into the very subtle rhythms of the body in an alpha or even theta state, the practitioner, through entrainment, helps the client slow down their brain waves as well. Most clients go into a light sleep while the  body’s  own  healing  mechanism  kicks  in  and  does  the  necessary.  When  returning  to waking  consciousness,  they  usually  report  a  feeling  of  relaxation  and  lightness,  as  if  they had had a good night’s sleep and let go of unnecessary baggage. In this state, an injury can be healed in as little as one session!