Mother Earth does not charge rent

“ We are the only species that pays to live on planet earth”, reads a jewel I found on facebook today.  This astonishing truth and its implications struck me. Why, indeed, would our “intelligent” species behave in such an absurd manner? Animals roam the planet, plants inhabit it. They take the space they need for their survival, no more, no less. They don’t buy it, nor rent it. They occupy it for a while and move on to greener pastures when the time comes. What do we do? We slave and strive relentlessly so we and our descendents can own more property, or at least rent a larger flat, for which we need more stuff. Greed, fear’s companion, wakes up. We walk on other people’s feet; we lie and cheat. Why? Because by owning more I believe to be safer; I enhance my self-image.

Our fears and insecurities have become so massive that we don’t realize that we are no happier than the “primitive” in his miniscule mud hut, or the nomad traveling light. We yearn for freedom, yet we bog ourselves down with what we believe will resolve our deep seated fears. We fail to realize that stuff – regardless of what it is, or how much – will never dissolve our worries. On the contrary! The more we have, the more we are afraid of losing it! And the greedier we get.

 The monster lives within us; it has little to do with circumstances. As long as we don’t face it and realize its true nature, we are the slaves of our fears. Because the powers that be reinforce our existential angst through the megaphone of the mainstream media, we have to literally dehypnotize ourselves to come out of the trance and see the light of truth. But wake up we must if we mean to escape the matrix.