From head to heal


LIfe Positive artcileCraniosacral  therapy, immensely  popular in USA, is now gain- ing  recognition  in India. Irma Battig, a Swiss by birth, with 12 years of experi- ence having trained with the best  healers  in  USA,  has recently  set  up  shop  in Mumbai,  to  help  heal  the most  complex  of  head  and spine-related  illnesses, including  migraines,  back- aches, and even depression. An  offshoot  of  osteopathy, a recognised stream of medi- cine  in  USA,  craniosacral therapy  involves  “working with  the  bones  of  the  crani- um and the sacrum and bal- ancing the forces in between with  a  more  spiritual  and emotional  understanding,” according to Irma.

Besides subtly manipulat-ing the bones of the cranium, it also involves tuning into the cerebro-spinal fluid that protects the brain, and travels to the spine, carrying essential nutrients and energy.

“Most patients find the massage relaxing. Some are blissful, some are all over the place and some have also reported out-of-body experiences,” says Irma, who chucked up a lucrative corporate career in communications in Switzerland, to honour her call for healing.

A visit to an osteopath in Switzerland, who first introduced her to craniosacral therapy, caused the shift to healing. A chance meeting and she ended up training with Hugh Milne, California, one of the biggest names in craniosacral therapy and then the Sacred Journey Institute in Illinois.

“Many individual bones make up the cranium. Though they are sep- arated by the thickness of a carbon paper,  a healer can  magnify  them to  about  a  thousand  times  and then  manipulate  them.  In  many cases the bones are jammed as a result  of  a  physical  or  a  mental trauma,  which  I  then  assess  with energy and intention to heal,” says the soft-spoken Irma.

At  birth,  the  birth  passage  com- presses  the  bones  of  the  skull which  usually  return  to  normal. “But the process may be affected in a C-section and cause immense trauma.  We  can  therefore  undo  a lot of damage done then.”

A  high  point  in  her  healing  jour- ney  came  when  a  Swiss  man expected  to  die  of  cancer  within six  months, approached  her. “When I worked with his energies,

I felt a lot of life force in him, which did not suggest that he would die soon.  Within  five-six  sessions,  he was completely  cancer-free.  He also improved his relationship with his boss, which had almost caused him to quit his job.”

In the first session, which lasts a couple of hours, Irma not only asks some pertinent questions, but also uses  reiki, chakra  balancing  and psychic  surgery  to  access  the darker  energies  stuck  in  various parts of the body, releasing them, causing  an  instant  relief.  She  also does ‘result-oriented coaching’ for which  she  trained  with  master trainer Christopher  Howard,  a combination  of  hypnosis  and  NLP to direct you to achieve your goal. Six  to  nine  hours  of this  therapy can  completely  change  lives, according to her.

Homage to an Angel

Homage to an angel

Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some move  our  souls  to  dance. They  awaken  us  to  a  new understanding.  With  the  passing whisper of their wisdom they make the  sky  more  beautiful  to  gaze upon.  Stay  in our  lives  for  a  while and leave footprints in our hearts…” an excerpt from Kala Kaarthikeyan: Forever in Our Hearts.

The president of Life Positive, Mr D R Kaarthikeyan, paid homage to his  late  wife,  Kala  Kaarthikeyan (1950-2009) on August 2, 2011, at the  Siri  Fort  Auditorium  in  New Delhi,  by  releasing  a  book,  Kala Kaarthikeyan:  Forever  in Our Hearts.  Supreme  court  judge, Justice P Sathasivam were present at the book release function.

Speaking  on  the  occasion,  Mr Kaarthikeyan  said,  “This  pictorial book  is  a  humble  homage  to  a remarkable, simple  and  unassum- ing human being, Kala Kaarthikeyan, who left for her heavenly abode in the early hours of Monday, August 3, 2009. She lived a  full and fruitful life,  comforting  and  relieving  the pain  of  countless  people, who came to be touched by her uncon- ditional and spontaneous love, care and hospitability.”

He  added,  “I  am  still  receiving numerous  tributes  to  her  through e-mail,  letters  and  phone  calls from  friends  all over  the  world.  I am  also  grateful  to  the  well-wish- ers who have been coming for the several  prayer  meetings  at Delhi and other places.”

The occasion also saw the release of  Acupressure  for  Total  Wellness by  the  internationally  renowned acupressure practitioner,  Ketan  V Shah,  published  by  Life  Positive publications.

Mr  Shah  told  the  audience  that the  book  has  been  designed  to simulate  the  flow  of  an  acupres- sure  workshop. “We  have  been conducting  workshops  in  many countries and also treating patients for various health problems. Many participants  had  requested  us  to compile the information in a book,” Mr Shah said. The event concluded with an  elegant  cultural  pro- gramme that stirred and satisfied.

Metaphor therapy and Healing

Instilling human values

At  last,  education  with  a human  touch.  And  oddly enough,  the  initiative comes not from a school or a college but from one of Mumbai’s largest  private  tutorial  houses: Mahesh Tutorial Educare (MT).

MT  has  presently  initiated  a  pilot programme  called  Creating Excellence  in  conjunction  with  One World Academy, Chennai. One thou- sand  of  their  brightest  will  partici- pate in this programme which aims to  develop compassionate  leaders who will create a greater destiny for themselves and the country.

The students, who will be appear- ing  for  the  SSC  exams  next  year, were chosen for the programme by virtue of a test on the lines of IIM and IIT entrance tests.

“Though  we  are  turning  out  aca- demically bright students year after year,  we  have  observed  that  these students develop arrogance and fail to  imbibe  very  human  qualities  like compassion.

Instilling Human Values

We also feel that most of  these  students  are  bookish  and lack  leadership  skills.  As  a  result  of which  they  shy away  from  leader- ship responsibilities in the corporate world,” says Mahesh Shetty, moving force behind the tutorials.

“As  human  beings,  we  desire  the very best, be it finance or physique, friends or fiancé. But for that to hap- pen, it is important to be intelligent, not only in thought but also in appli- cation. It is also important to keep a tight check on destructive emotions and move away from pain to a place of  intelligence  and  clarity,”  says Prahasita, from One World Academy, who  will  be  conducting  the  programme for MT.

The  propelling  factor  behind  the programme,  therefore,  is  to  teach students to resolve emotional distur- bances and  master  the  art  of  con- verting frictional energy into creative energy.  Spread  over  a  month,  the programme will also involve the par- ents and teachers concerned.

The programme will also teach the students  to  focus  on  relationships, with not only their parents, teachers and friends but also with oneself.

The focus will also be on living a life of purpose. “Some choose to live by power,  some  by  pleasure.  True leaders choose to live by love… love for another or love for a cause,” says Prahasita.  The  emphasis  will  be  to reach  out  and co-exist,  rather  than live a “self-centric life with colliding interests”.

Mahesh Tutorials Educare is one of the  biggest  players  in  the  private tutorials segment in India, with 190 centres, and  has  many  firsts  to  its credit.

Scientists of the spirit

The  4th  Global  Congress  of Spirtual  Scientists  2011  will be  held  from  October  1-4 2011,  at  Pyramid Valley International in Bangalore. The four- day  spiritual  event  is  organised  by Indian  Federation  of  Spiritual Scientists  and  supported  by  The Pyramid Spiritual Trust, Life Research Academy  and  Times  Foundation. The cosmic  event  is  expected  to draw over 1,500 delegates from all over India and the world.

The Congress will comprise of workshops, research paper presen- tations, panel discussions, medita- tion sessions, and exhibitions. Several renowned spiritual masters will express the beauty of their spir- itual transformation and their efforts towards making every individual on this planet an ‘anapanasa- ti meditator’.

Many New Age mas- ters will mull over esoteric and exo- teric topics. The inter-spiritual inter- active sessions at the Congress will educate and enrich the awareness of spiritual transformation and pro- gression.

The Congress will aid participants to bring much-needed reformation in the world in sync with cosmic reality. It promises to be an exciting fair for all seekers as well as  medi- cal doctors, academicians, scien- tists, students and businessmen, who will have an opportunity to apply the wisdom of these global masters in their respective fields for social development.

Key sessions include: The Science of Meditation by Brahmarshi Patriji, Ancient Earth Wisdom for the Emerging World by Bennie LeBeau aka Blue Thunder, Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth by Dolores Cannon, Extra Sensory Perception by Deepak Rao. Mt. Shasta 2012 – Wisdom of Mt. Shasta’s Mystics by Erik Berglund, Aquarian Bodhisatva – A Meeting of East and West by Jacqueline Maria Longstaff, Pathways of Peace – Creating a World in Peace by Jasmuheen, Future Progressions and Present Choices by Dr K Newton, Diamond Light Body Illumination by Soluntra King, and How to Hear the Voice of God by Susan Shumsky.

For registrations: http://spiritualcon- registrations.htm