“Give each day the chance to be the most beautiful of your life.”

-Mark Twain

“Give each day the chance to be the most beautiful of your life.”

-Mark Twain

From Caterpillar to Butterfly – Transformational Seminar Series

Transformational Seminar Series

“I have been feeling much lighter since the seminar, more relaxed and in touch with myself. I had a lot of realizations and I was able to let go, and to forgive. I feel a lot calmer, I sleep well. I am happy! And I am making it a habit to use the tools I have learned.”
Marina, India


Are you happy with yourself and your current life? Whether you think you are not realizing your full potential, you feel aimless, or you find yourself downright in an existential crisis, “From Caterpillar to Butterfly” can help you turn your life around.

This series of three transformational two-day seminars is designed to be taken in sequence, giving yourself time in between each seminar to integrate the changes. It is for people who mean business! Are you ready to leave dysfunctional patterns behind? Do you want to rid your system of negative emotions? Are you tired of going in circles, making fear-based choices? Do you yearn to break free? Would you like to look in the mirror and see a luminous, motivated you who is ready to take on the world?

A practical tool kit assembled from various schools and traditions will allow you to achieve your particular goals. Simple yet powerful exercises, along with theoretical explanations as to how we human beings work and what makes us tick, will give you what you need to turn your life around. Expect to be transformed. And with you, so is the world!


Reclaim your true joy, experience freedom and love! We are being fed a constant diet of fear-based emotions by the media and our environment. Waking up from that trance and learning how to let go of emotional baggage and negativity as they arise will make us free! See instant results through the use of tools and processes Irma collected and tested over the years from ancient traditions as well as cutting-edge science. Irma has been employing these methods to help people of all walks of life to lead healthier, happier lives for the past 14 years.

from fear to love

“I attended Life Positive Workshop in Mumbai in December 2012 along with my wife and daughter. Irma Battig‘s session was particularly useful. We have since been including the Light Meditation in our daily Yoga Sadhana. It has contributed to a deeper practice. It is just wonderful. Let us all embrace this Light Meditation practice and heal ourselves and the world at large. Anybody who attends the sessions conducted by Irma is bound to gain immensely from them!”

R.K. Palhan, CEO, Delhi School of Yoga, India

Level 1: Letting Go – Dropping Old Baggage

“Letting Go – Dropping Old Baggage” is a milestone in my journey of self-development.”

Prachi Dutta, India

We all carry around baggage that we have accumulated throughout our life, and other lifetimes. It impacts every aspect of our existence, often not to our advantage, nor to that of the people around us. In this first seminar of the series, we will explore how you came to be who you are today. Under the guidance of a trained facilitator, you will be able to drop the baggage that you want to get rid of with very effective tools and exercises. At the end of the weekend, you will feel like you have shed dozens of pounds! You will have let go of your old, often dysfunctional form.

From Caterpillar to Butterfly

Applying what you learn will allow you not to take on new unwanted baggage; you can clear harmful emotions as they occur. Commit to turning your favorite exercises for the body, mind and soul into healthy daily habits!

Your ability to make decisions based on your truth, rather than on inherited patterns and beliefs, will change everything around you! Break out of the straight jacket of subconscious programming by removing the negative programs and emotions that you were not even aware of!


“Letting Go – Dropping Old Baggage” has helped me get in touch with the real me inside. The tools helped me forgive a lot of people, release a lot of energy and connect with my heart wisdom. I now look forward to using these techniques in my everyday life and enriching it further.”

Harshada Desai, Yoga Teacher, India

“Thank you for being caring, wanting to bring changes into our lives so that we become wholesome and happy. I see you as an angel.”

Manisha Koirala, Actress, India

“Today, after two days of “Letting Go – Dropping Old Baggage”, I am light, happy and burden free! I have a direction and focus and don’t worry about the future, but live in the present. That makes me very happy and calm. I am loving the New Me!”

Deep Gogna, India

“Thanks again for the wonderful weekend and working your magic, once again!  Not only have I leant some great new tools for dealing with negative energy and emotions, I have found some amazing meditational practices that I know will help me to change the way I start each day, and that is with a positive attitude and motivation. I have been feeling really great!  I plan to use some of the methods you taught over the weekend to rid myself of negative thoughts/energy. I love the 5 Tibetan Rites sequence.  I’ve also been spreading the love with my family by sending them a daily quote of which I noted throughout the weekend! They too have been coming up with their own quotes and have been sharing, so it’s been quite entertaining. “

Melissa Kotovski,


“If you are depressed, your are living in the past.If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present.”

Lao Tzu

”From Catterpillar to Butterfly” is simply WOW! I was quite literally able to ”drop off my Old Baggage”. All the processes were just fabulous. They were so simple that even a lay-woman like me could enjoy them easily and derive benefit from them.

Initially I was finding it difficult to recollect more than two things to be grateful about… Irma’s patient nudge, and my list became endless!  I was able to let go: let go not only of assigning blame; rather let go of ”being the victim’. I was able to take full responsibility for Self and in a single moment I experienced being Liberated, Lighter, Brighter, Expanded and Empowered. I was able to let go of my long-standing grudge, and suddenly I envisioned the same person (whom I had hated earlier) ‘washed in white light’ and as innocent as a little child! What a shift within me 🙂

I also suddenly realized that I do not need approval from others for every action of mine.  The ”Worry Buster” helped me ERASE  THREE Main Worries of mine! What value for money as well as time !):)  I was enabled to make friends with my emotions.  I realized that any event, whether in past, present or future, is NEUTRAL. The E-motions, such as, Fear or Shame are SEPARATE from the memory itself. I succeeded at neutralizing my negative E-motion. Superb!

The RE-FRAMING Process helps me deal with my issues with people.  I am now able to celebrate all my successes, however, small or big. I am feeling less and less triggered by the outside – people, comments, advice, so on and so forth. I am the new Centered Me! 🙂 My litmus test has been with my parents and my son, and I have emerged victorious! Thanks,  Irma, Deepak, The Universe and this wonderful and beautiful Workshop! Really looking forward to enjoying the Second Module!

Pooja Ch., India

Level 2: Imagine Yourself – Creating a New Vision


Now that you have shed patterns that are no longer useful, you will want to replace them with new habits and programs of your conscious choice!

creating a new vision

Discover your life purpose. Formulate your mission and goals in accordance with it. Find out what your true values are and how they shape your beliefs. These in turn will impact your actions. Install new habits that lead you toward your dream life, away from the nightmare many are in. In the chrysalis, the caterpillar’s dissolves into a murky soup of potentiality. The imaginal cells know what they are meant to become. They guide the process of metamorphosis which will produce a new being, a butterfly, that hardly has anything in common with the original creature.

Learn to listen to your imaginal cells wisdom! The facilitator will guide you in exploring new options that you might not have imagined possible before. You will find that you can now make different choices, choices that serve you, your purpose and your environment. From now on, rather than at the mercy of the winds of change, you can be the captain at the helm of your ship!

“Irma, I can’t thank you enough for the retreat! This morning I looked at the vision board and I thought I had created my own tarot card reading for the foreseeable future. I felt so empowered!”

Raj Wadwanim, Business Owner, UK

“A sceptic and a cynic is how my friends would describe me a short while ago. I took the cynicism and skeptic outlook with me to Alibaug. As the workshop progressed, I found answers to a lot of questions that had been bothering me for years. I feel liberated from sweating the small stuff and have been focusing my time, emotions and energy on areas I had neglected in the past. I feel free, positive and enthusiastic about what lies ahead! Thank you, Irma…for an enlightened, liberated me!”

Neepa Kapadia,

Chef, India

“The two most important days of your life are the day you were born, and the day you discovered why.”

Mark Twain

Neepa kapadia

Level 3: Fly Free – Realize your Potential

In the last seminar of the series, we take you into new spheres! Learn to expand into the realm of limitless possibilities. Step into your full potential, which is bigger than you might have thought! Become the magician who goes with the flow, rather than fighting it. The lighthearted being that sees possibility where others spell doom.

fly free realize your potential

Open your heart and learn to live from your center, your truth! Connect with your higher self. Go beyond the logic of the mind, which is very limiting, to the center of who you truly were meant to be! Profound exercises will take you to new planes of existence and a different vision of life; look at it from above, like a butterfly, rather than getting engulfed in the so-called reality we are made to believe in. Your soul will rejoice!

The healthy habits that you have created in the first two seminars will assist you in grounding yourself while this third seminar teaches you to leave heaviness behind and enjoy the lightness of being. Create your reality from a new realm of possibility! The results will be astounding and always fresh and authentic. Live life unrehearsed and unbound!

“You aren’t wealthy until you have something money can’t buy.”

Garth Brooks