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Anshu Srivastava was a young married  professional,  lead- ing a happy life in Bangalore when  she  developed  an acute case  of  spondylitis. An  MRI  scan  revealed  that  the  bone  of her  neck  was  as  damaged  as  if  she  had met  with  an  accident.  But Anshu  vehe-mently  denied  having  had  one.  When the  doctor  advised  surgery,  she  began searching  for alternative  ways  to  heal herself  and  stumbled  upon  Many  Lives, Many Masters, a book by Dr Brian Weiss on reincarnation. Inspired, she contacted Neelam Kelavani, a Bangalore-based healer, and past-life regression ther-apist for  a  session.  There  she regressed  to  not  one  but  two  past lives, in both of which she had died of strangulation. Her neck bone had been broken. Amazingly, after com-ing  out  from  the  session,  all  her neck  pain  left  her  and  the damage to her neck also healed, as a subse-quent  MRI  report  revealed.  This whole episode has changed the course of her life. She has  enrolled  for  a  course  in  past-life  regression  and wants  to  study  it  further.  “I  feel  a  new  vista has opened before me. There is so much more to life than simply making money,” she exclaims. Riddhima Kothari always wondered why she could not  be  successful  despite  all  the  love,  support  and encouragement  of  her  family  members.  When  she regressed to a past life, she saw that a part of her soul had still not come to terms with its death in that life, and this was affecting her present life adversely. The experience  healed her.  “I  feel  that  a  layer  has  been peeled  off  from  my  mind.  Today,  I  no  longer  suffer from  an  inferiority complex,”  says  a  beaming Riddhima.  What  all  the  coaching  by  her  loved  ones could  not  do,  one  hour  of  past-life  regression  could permanently resolve in her life. Rajesh  Dossa,  a  financial  planner  from  Mumbai, was  in  an  emotional  quagmire.  A  friend  suggested EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). He attended a class held by therapist Jasmine Bharathan in Rishikesh and  happily discovered  a  shortcut  method  to  feel happy and rejuvenated, despite adverse circumstanc- es. “I did not know that bad feelings could be simply tapped  away  by  your  fingers.  I  saw  several  people reduce physical pain as well, through EFT.” Healing methods are as old as the history of human diseases,  but  the  current  times  are  witnessing  an explosion  of quick  and  effective  healing  techniques. Theta-Healing,  Meta-Healing,  Craniosacral  therapy, EFT,  Radionics,  Heal your  Life  modality,  Access Consciousness, EMF Balancing Technique, Heartmath, and Sedona method all seem to be suddenly knocking
Anshu healed her spondylitis through Past-life Regression therapy

Aditi Surti, an Access Consciousness prac- titioner in Mumbai, says, “Right now time is moving faster, and a window of great oppor- tunity has opened. There is new energy entering our planet and there is a sense that something is going to happen. People ask for things and they get it.”

Reflects  Irma  Battig,  who  practises  a combination  of  various  New  Age  healing modalities,  “Our  planet  is undergoing  a vibrational  shift.  In  order  to  survive  and thrive on Earth, we need to be in alignment with her energy. That can only happen if we raise our vibration as well. From the current state of awareness, we have created a lot of harm and agony on the planet. To shift from this attitude we need to move from our dual- istic brain to our holistic heart. Because this change  is  in  alignment  with  the  planetary shift  and  with  a  higher  intelligence,  previ- ously
esoteric knowledge is becoming main- stream, and faster than we could have imag- ined.  What  used  to  be  secret practices  are seeing the light of day. Because the pace of transformation  is  accellerating,  we  need methods  that work quickly  now.  Humanity can’t  afford  to  keep  doing  what  we  have been  doing,  and  destroying  our  planet  and
each other at the current rate.”

Radionics: Radionics originated in the early 1900s with Albert Abrams (1864–1924), who designed the Radionic machines. According to Radionics practitioners, a healthy person will have different energy frequencies moving through their body, from those exhibited by an unhealthy per- son. He created a Radionics device called the Double Well Potentiser purported to diagnose and heal by applying appropriate frequencies to bal- ance the discordant frequencies of sickness using blood, hair, or even a signature, unique to that per- son. Dr Ravindra Kapadia, a Mumbai-based Radionics practitioner, showed me the latest Radionics machine, the SE-5 1000, created by an American called Don Paris (read Close Encounter for more details). A patient who suffered from a skin allergy put his thumb on the input well and the device swiftly copied his vibrations running up a tally of figures. Dr Kapadia then placed a tiny bottle filled with globules at the output well. After duplication and harmonisation of frequencies, he offered the patient a taste of those globules. “I feel as though I am tasting the saltiness of my own thumb!” he exclaimed. Thanks to people like Dr Kapadia, this healing modality is still surviving, and is at the service of those who believe that they are more than a gross body. A woman patient who wished to remain anonymous, confided. “I suf- fered from severe psychological problems. Medicines could never heal me completely. But ever since I came in Dr Kapadia’s care I’ve been making steady progress.”

Heal  your  Life:  In  1984  the  first  edition  of  the path-breaking  book,  You  can  Heal  your  Life  by American  author  Louise  L  Hay  resoundingly changed  the  way  people  looked  at  diseases  and healing. Connecting each and every illness with its corresponding  attitudinal  and  emotional  trigger factors, Louise urged people to consider diseases as a wakeup call to fix unresolved issues of their lives.  “Over  the  years  I’ve  learned  that  there  are really just two mental patterns that contribute to disease:  Fear  and  Anger.  Anger  can  show  up  as impatience, irritation, frustration, criticism, resent- ment, jealousy or bitterness. Fear could be tension, anxiety,  nervousness,  worry,  doubt,  feeling  not good  enough  or  unworthiness.  These  are  all thoughts  that  poison  the  body.  When  we  release this  burden,  all  the  organs  in  our  body  begin  to function  properly,”  she  says.  Armed  with  this knowledge Louise designed a special programme called Heal your Life, where people resolve issues they have been sitting over for years. The method involves learning to love yourself and others more fully and deeply, releasing negative emotions that block joy and creativity, working with body, mind and  spirit  to  transform  life.  Positive  affirmations,

Gary Craig revolutionised the world of healing by discovering EFT

mirror  work,  chants,  law  of  attraction,  and inner  child  healing  are  the  routes  taken  to achieve  these  effects.  How  effective  this whole  process  is  can  be  gauged  from  the fact that Louise Hay healed herself of a rare form  of  cancer  within  six  months  by  dili- gently  putting  to  practise  all  the  methods she  recommended  in  her seminal  work.  She  considered  the alternatives  to  surgery  and  drugs,  and developed  an  intensive  programme  of affirmations,  visualisation,  nutritional cleansing, and psychotherapy.

Bindu Panicker, a resident of Gurgaon and a  client  of  Shalini  Kalra  Jacob,  a  Heal  your Life, admits. “Since long I had been suffering from  practitioner  multiple  allergies,  for which allopathy has no permanent solution. Because  of  the  complex  nature  of  my ailments I was in the ICU three times in the year 2009, and had to carry Epipen, a kind of injection which has to be jabbed in the chest and  thighs  in  case  of  emergency.  Through Louise’s  workshops,  I  was  able  to  shed  the emotional  and  mental  blockages  that  were the reason for my suffering. Now I am free from  my  allergies,  and  thanks  to  learning the  secret  of  loving  myself,  I  have  also attracted the right life partner.”

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique): EFT  was  discovered  by  Gary  Craig,  in  the mid-90s.  It  is  a  form  of  psychological  acu- pressure, based on the same energy meridi- ans  used  in  traditional  acupuncture  but without the invasiveness of needles. Instead, simple tapping with the fingertips is used to input kinetic energy onto specific meridians on the head and chest while you think about

sukhvinder sirkar

“We are witnessing a collapse of time. The time between the intent and its manifestation is reducing.”

-Sukhvinder Sirkar

of thousands of years from a person’s mind which came in the way of success, happiness and growth. “Our polarities prevent us from seeing the truth as it is. The universe is forever flowing, gifting but our mental blocks prevent us from receiving these gifts. Getting  your  bars  run  dissipates  the  electrical charge  of  polarity  as  it  is  stored  in  your  brain.  It deletes the files from your mental database that are slowing up your processing system,” he says. Aditi confesses  that  no  matter  how  hard  she  tried  she could  never  make  enough  money.  When  she regressed  to  a  past  life  she  saw  that  as  a  monk  in one of her previous births she had vowed to never let money come in the path of her spiritual attain- ment. She released that mental block she had been carrying from past life by running her bars and now money flows easily into her life.

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral  therapy  was  accidentally  discovered by WG Sutherland in USA. While working on oste- opathy  with  Dr  Andrew  Still  in  America  he  saw that the craniosacral rhythm, caused by circulation of  the  cerebrospinal  fluid,  can  be  felt  all  over  the body  as  a  slow,  subtle  wave-like  motion.  This rhythm bathes and nourishes the brain and nervous system.  By  gently  touching  areas  of  the  head  and body,  a  practitioner  can  tune  into  the  rhythmic

fluctuations,  and  work  on  it  diagnostically and  therapeutically.  Craniosacral  sessions enhance  this  natural  flow  and  support  the inner balance of the system, thereby restor- ing  health  to  the  nervous  system  and  all other functions of the body. “I was recom- mended Craniosacral sessions for my acute sinusitis which I have had since many years. I  was  always  breathing  from  my  mouth.  I was  surprised  to  find  that  in  the  sessions, my  sacrum  got  released  and  after  that  my sinus problem immediately improved by 50 per  cent.  I  did  not  realise  that  my  sacrum was still holding an injury that I had from a bike  accident  more  than  30  years  ago.  My sinusitis gradually improved as we did a few more sessions,” says Vinay Singh, a former IAS officer who underwent the Craniosacral treatment under Craniosacral therapist Zia Nath. Footballer Ricky Williams discovered Craniosacral  work  after  breaking  his  arm and tearing his Achilles tendon while play- ing  for  the  Toronto  Argonauts  in  2006.  He was so impressed by how good he felt after receiving  Craniosacral  sessions  as  part  of his recovery that he decided to take classes and  became  a  trained  Craniosacral  thera- pist. “What I’ve found with Craniosacral is that it’s almost a perfect fit for athletes,” he says.

Though the therapy is extremely holistic, yet  the  recovery  rate  from  it  is  quite  vari- able. “It all depends upon the severity of the problem.  If  the  problems  are  of  general nature such as aches and pains one or two sessions can heal them permanently, but if there are severe injuries or trauma, patients might  need  prolonged  treatment  of Craniosacral therapy which might last upto a  year.  But  our  results  are  permanent,”  say Zia.


PSYCH-K,  a  new  technique,  changes  beliefs at  a  subconscious  level  with  various  proto- cols  called  ‘balances.’  These  are  techniques that are designed to create a balanced harmo- nious functioning of both hemispheres of the brain, called a ‘whole brain’ state. This state is ideal for reducing or eliminating resistance at the  subconscious  level,  allowing  obsolete beliefs  to  be  re-programmed  into  helpful ones.  Rob  Williams,  psychotherapist,  and originator  of  PSYCH-K  in  1988,  says,  “The mind is the doctor. The pharmacy is in your head. With the right instruction by the mind, our bodies produce all kinds of things similar to  the  drugs  made  by  the  pharmaceutical

heart, activating heart feeling, remembering a beauti- ful,  blissful  moment  of  your  life,  tapping  your  third eye rhythmically for 10 seconds to anchor this emo- tion,  and  asking  heart  for  a  better  way  to  deal  with this emotion. Healer Irma Battig frequently uses this technique  to  shift  the  focus  of  people  from  mind- based  thinking  to  heart-based  thinking  to  beget encompassing  and  wise  solutions  for  problems encountering  a  person.  Such  is  the  power  of  this quick technique that it can, within minutes, open up the blocked channels of emotions and lead to whole- brain thinking.

Priyanka Gokhle was unable to understand why she was  getting  increasingly  angry  with  everybody around her. After following the Heartmath technique, she was filled with gratitude and relief. “My heart told me that I carried a lot of emotional burden, which I was not willing to share with anybody. It advised me to  trust  the  Universe  and  share  my  feelings  with somebody I could put faith in. It was all so simple,” she exclaimed, her eyes shining with a new light.


Sumita  Mendiratta,  a  clinical  psychologist  from Mumbai, suffered from a host of ailments and found trouble  getting  pregnant  as  her  fallopian  tubes  were blocked. She had UTI, stomach infections, joint disor- der, ankylosing spondylitis, and back pain. When she

-Louise L. Hay

on  the  doors  of  human  sensibilities,  and waking  up  people  to  the  immense  power they carry within themselves. They not only pave the way for healing, but also very often, initiate the person into spirituality.

So why is this happening? Part of the rea- son can be attributed to the fact that we live in speeded-up times. Everything is happen- ing  faster,  whether  it  is  the  way  we  make money,  lose  money,  marry  or  divorce.  We are falling ill faster too, so perhaps it is only logical  that  we  should  also  heal  faster. Endorses  META-healer  Anu  Mehta,  “In  the last 20 years, the advancements that humans have made in technology are amazing. Today, our  phones  become outdated  in  days.  New technology had never evolved so fast. With technology  advancements,  the  alternative and integrative  therapies  too  need  to  keep pace.”

The second is that we live in special times. We  have  only  just  undergone  a  shift  in  the era and the New Age is now here. The ener- gies are rife for massive changes in our well- ness quotient. Shalini Kalra Jacob, founder of Loving yourself Foundation, says, “Our Earth is  undergoing  a  shift  in  consciousness  so that  we  can  live  at  a  higher frequency  of love,  wisdom,  co-operation  and  peace.  We are incredibly blessed to be incarnated right now because
the opportunities for spiritual growth  are  enormous  which  is  why  every- one is called on to heal their emotions and thoughts  and  use  this  great  opportunity  to transform themselves.”

But can it really be as simple as that? Are people really healing at the snap of a fin- ger?  No,  not  quite.  Yes,  many  are being drawn to modalities that heal in days what may  have  once  taken  years,  but  even  so, the journey never ends. Persistent thought- or emo- tional- patterns may throw up new health challenges or even reawaken the old ones. For a full and perma- nent healing, it is not just the body but the psyche and the emotions that need to be thoroughly overhauled. In  short,  we  need  to  work  on  ourselves  ongoingly. Therapist  Jasmine  Bharathan  says,  “EFT  and  other faster techniques are merely tools. They are not magic wands that will sort out all your problems. Ultimately, we must learn to engage with our circumstances in a balanced way. Mindfulness practises, meditation, self- awareness  have  to  be  practised  diligently  for  long- term growth, evolution and benefit.” Shalini too main- tains that real healing cannot take place overnight. “It requires time to get rid of years of baggage. You may get intermittent relief but the patterns keep revisiting your life if you haven’t learnt your lesson and applied it in your life,” she adds.


What these therapies do, however, are invaluable. In the first place they make us aware of the link between the body-mind and spirit which immediately shifts us to  a  holistic  or  spiritual  perspective.  Secondly,  they help  us  become  more  aware  of  our  inner  world  and also  help  us  to  ongoingly  handle  the  physical  and emotional challenges that show up while we work on ourselves.  Thirdly,  we  can  mix  and  match  many  of these modalities instead of staying with just one. Dr Ravindra  Kapadia,  a  homeopath  based  in  Mumbai, avidly  practises  and  promotes  the  technique  of Radionics,  that  operates  on  the  principle  of  body vibrations  and  energy  fields  surrounding  a  person. Similarly,  Dr  Ashish  Narayankar,  an  MBBS  doctor, combines  alternative  healing  methods  with  conven- tional treatment modes for the all-round well-being of his patients.

Here  below  is  a  compendium  of  the  many  quick healing methods that are flooding the planet.


your  specific  problem  –  whether  it  is  a traumatic event, an addiction, or pain, and voice positive affirmations.

“EFT  is  a  great  circuit  breaker.  EFT, believes that energy flows through merid- ians  within  the  body.  Negative  emotions can  cause  energy  blocks  within  these pathways, resulting in anxiety, stress, pho- bias and eventually physical ailments. By gently tapping on the acupressure points along  the  meridians  and  focusing  on  the negative  emotion,  the  energy  block  is removed,  energy  moves  freely  and  the patient experiences emotional and physi- cal  relief,”  says  Jasmine  Bharathan,  a Mumbai-based EFT expert.

Waxing  eloquent  on  EFT,  Neha  Patel another  healer  and  psychologist,  says, “Clinical  trials  have  shown  that  EFT reduces depression, anxiety, traumatic stress, phobias, pain, cravings, negative emotions like anger, grief, fear, hurt, guilt as well as negative memories. Application of  EFT  has  shown  improvements  and  also  complete freedom  from  physical  issues  such  as  allergies, migraines,  cysts,  fibroids,  irritable  bowel  syndrome, and many more. EFT is also very effective for weight loss,  achieving  career  and  other  goals,  attracting abundance, and for spiritual growth. It works at clear- ing out issues right from the core thereby resulting in complete  eradication  of  a  particular  problem  for  a person.”  Says Sayali Krishnan 15, a student, “I suffered from  depression,  obesity  and  school  phobia.  Some very traumatic experiences of my childhood had left a mark deep inside me. After a series of EFT sessions with  Neha,  layers  and  layers  of  hurt,  anger  and  so many  other  emotions  that  I  had  stored  within  got released. As a result not only did I lose weight but also scored  very  well  in  my  board  exams  inspite  of  the exam stress. Life is so much easier now.”

Access Consciousness

Yogis  have  tried  to  access  the  state  of  super  con- sciousness by investing many years in various yogic disciplines,  but  a  recent  phenomena  called  Access Consciousness claims to cut short that arduous jour- ney to a matter of an hour. “Three sessions a week and a person can become free of polarities or judgements to create the life that he wants, within two months,” says  Aditi  Surti,  an  Access  Bars  facilitator  from Mumbai.  Gary  Douglas,  founder  of  Access Consciousness,  reached  a  point  in  his  life  20  years ago, where life wasn’t working for him no matter what he did. Tired, he began to ask some questions of the Universe. “What can I be, do, have, create or generate that would make my life and the world a better place?” He started receiving answers. He became a chaneller and  soon  discovered  strategic  points  on  the  body called bars, which on touching, released conditioning

California Hypnosis Institute if India

industry.” PSYCH-K is also an instrument of spiritual growth. Rob Williams says “We all have one purpose, and  that  is  to  manifest  our  full  divinity,  while  we  are incarnated in the physical bodies.”

“This technique is very similar to that of Kinesiology. Worldwide, there are only 40 licenced practitioners of PSYCH-K  and  there  are  none  in  India.  G  Nelson,  a renowned practitioner, was to come to India in 2012 to impart this technique but his programme got delayed and will happen in August or September in 2013,” says Coomi Vevaina, his coordinator in India.

Theta Healing

Another fast-track healing modality that has caught the fancy  of  healers  and  seekers  alike  is  Theta  Healing. Discovered  by  Vianna  Stibal,  an  American  woman  in 1995,  it  proclaims  to  heal  the  trickiest  of  diseases  by changing  the  brain  wave  cycle  to  the  Theta  state. Vianna  suffered  from  cancer  and  was  spontaneously healed by the Creator while praying to Him. Through it, she discovered the secret of the Theta state whereby a person simply has to open himself to the power of the Universe  for  the  actual  healing  to  take  place.  Theta Healing focuses on thought and prayer. It enables a per- son to use his natural intuition, relying upon an uncon- ditional  belief  in,  and  the  power  of,  All  that  is.  “By changing your brain wave cycle to include the ‘Theta’ state,  you  can  actually  watch,  feel,  and  experience, while conscious and alert, instantaneous physical and emotional healing,” says Vianna. A similar refined ver- sion  of  this  type  of  Energy  Healing  is  called  Holistic DNA energy Healing – pinpointing Infinite Intelligence as the single source of energy that exists for healing. A lot  of  people  worldwide  claim  to  have  successfully healed a difficult disease by taking the Theta healing route. By blending Theta healing with other modalities, healer  Irma  Batting  has  successfully  healed  many patients  and  has  also  converted  many  sceptics.  Says Floy Krouchi, a musician from Paris, “When I met Irma I  suffered  from  a  slipped  disc  in  my  lower  back.  I couldn’t  even  move.  She  used  various  different  tech- niques with a lot of heart and intuition to heal me. As she worked quickly, yet so deeply at so many different levels, the physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual aspects of my being gradually got treated. I have come to  understand  that  these  elements  are  all  part  of  one chain.”


Founded  in  1991  by  Doc  Childre  in  California, Heartmath’s purpose is to facilitate fundamental shifts in health, well-being and consciousness. Believing the heart  to  have  a  mind  of  its  own,  the  scientists  at  the Heartmath institute saw that heart has 40,000 neurons which send more messages to the brain than vice versa. In  essence,  it  appeared  that  the  heart  affected intelligence and awareness. The Heartmath methodol- ogy includes recognising the stressor, shifting focus to

Humanity - Irma Battig

“Humanity can’t afford to keep doing what we  have  been  doing,  and  destroying  our planet and each other at the current rate.”

-Irma Batting

Pendants with your belief-Irma Batting