Life positive Expo 2012Gateway to the new age

The two-day Life Positive Expo in Mumbai on December 22 and 23, was the perfect entry point to the endless possibilities of the New Age!

December  21,  2012,  spelt  the  end of the Old Age. And December 22,  the  first  day  of  the  much- longed-for  New  Age also launched the Life Positive Expo in  Mumbai.  The  timing  was  uncannily  perfect.  A  body-mind-spirit  festival  was  surely the best way to embrace the energies of the New  Age?  An  opportunity  to  receive  fresh insights, and to learn new techniques to heal oneself emotionally and physically

Says AK Shamita, “The Mumbai Life Positive Expo has been life-altering for me. They were indeed two of the happiest days of my life. I had so many ‘aha’ moments in Nithya Shanti’s workshop. Currently, I’m going  through  testing  times, and  his  teachings couldn’t have come to me at a better time.”

“It  was  an  extremely  well-organised  event  with fantastic speakers. Jaya Row was brilliant during her relevant  opening  address.  The  workshop  by  Irma Battig  was  fantastic  with  some  very  meaningful exercises,” acknowledged Jasjeet Kaur.

“The  Life  Positive  Expo  was  a  wonderful  experi- ence.  It  helped  us  to  know  our  self  and  our  inner beauty.  My  wife  and  I  are  sure  to  return  for  more enlightenment  through  Life  Positive  Expos,”  con- ceded Rajat Bose.

For us at Life Positive, it was a hugely satisfying expe- rience to have made our debut in Mumbai with such a bang. Exhilarated  delegates,  satisfied  exhibitors  and  a happy stream of visitors all told us we had got it right. And with that, the stage is set for us to return this year. The Mumbai Expo is now slated to be an annual event, so if you could not make it last year, make a date with destiny this year.

Day One
Strength in the storm

The brilliant inaugural address by Jaya Row, founder of Vedanta Vision, effectively set the stage for the ensuing two days of piercing self-discovery. She began her dis- course on Strength in the Storm arrestingly by inquir- ing where the storm was. And, of course, arriving at the conclusion  that  no  matter  how  much  evidence  there was  that  the  storm  was outside,  it  was  always  and inevitably in our own minds. She also inquired why in this vastly improved world, we are still unhappy, anx- ious  and  in  the  clutches  of  the  storm.  For  this,  the nature of the world must be understood. It is changing, passing.  Nothing  lasts  in  it,  and  the  irony  is  that  we want  permanence.  He  who  adjusts  to  the  shifting nature of the world stays happy. If you stand apart from the world and then interact, you will enjoy it, but if you depend on it, it will deceive you. We humans operate from the mind, and it can make heaven out of hell or

To be in the empow- ering company of sages and self-realised souls. A time to free oneself of the myriad duties and responsibilities of  regular  life  and  breathe  in  some  nourishment.  A two-day  pause  in  which  to  recalibrate  ourselves  and enter the amazing possibilities of the New Age. All this and more was the happy heritage of participants who streamed in from all parts of the megapolis as well as from  Delhi,  Pune,  Hyderabad,  Nagpur,  Rajkot,  and Lucknow.

Mrs jaya

vice-versa.  Mind  can  create  a  famine  where there is abundance. Our egos make us trust the  disloyal,  and  distrust  the loyal.  Drawing an  example  from  Shakespeare’s  play,  King Lear, she pointed to the tragedy of King Lear who, blinded by his own ego and the flattery of  his  elder  daughters,  ousts  his  youngest daughter and repents later on. “A wise person acts  from  his  intellect.  And  intellect  needs the  nutrition  of  Vedantic  food.  Disassociate from  matter.  Have a  higher  motivation.  The storms may kiss your feet, but will never dis- lodge you,” she exhorted her audience.

Have  the  happiest  day  of  your  life  by Nithya Shanti 

What could be a better way to begin your day than to seek the secret of making it the hap- piest of your life? Nithya Shanti’s Joyshop was all about seeking happiness within self. When one learns the art of enjoying nothing, then he learns  to  be  happy  about  something  and everything. The Dalai Lama’s words, “Nothing needs to be changed to be happy,” formed the sublime  undercurrent  of  Nithya  Shanti’s workshop.  He  emphasised  developing  an attitude of gratitude towards life and asked us to break the ‘myth of more and the myth of when”.

Inspired books by roy eugene davis
Nithya shanti imparting the secrets of happiness to the delegates

Embrace  pain  and  you  won’t  have  to suffer. Keep reminding yourself that no mat- ter what you have done or have undone, you deserve  to  be  loved.  He  taught  a  variety  of simple  and  doable  exercises  to  elevate  the body  and  mind such  as  Mai  Yur  Ma,  Do-en and One-moment meditation. Suggesting we meet  all  challenges  with  the  refrain,  ‘How wonderful,’ he led the way himself by echoing it  each  time  a  mobile  rang  or  a  participant shared an insight or experience. Little won- der that ‘How wonderful’ became the phrase of the day!

Self-hypnosis and Law of Attraction by Pradeep Aggarwal

Hypnosis  is  not  as  much  about  making  you unconscious  and  then  compelling  you  to carry  out  commands,  as  it
is  about  under- standing the tricky bends and curves of the mind and acting accordingly. It is about using the  power  of mind,  coupled  with  that  of sound, intention and correct thrust to achieve all  that  you  want  from  the  Universe.  “If we knew  how  powerful  our  thoughts  were,  we never would think a wrong thought,” said the dapper,  suit-clad facilitator.  Displaying  the power of hypnosis, he asked a participant to come on stage and systematically hypnotised him to feel and think whatever he wanted. He also taught the same method to participants,

Pradeep Aggarwal teaching participants self-hypnosis

who  got  up  feeling  much  relieved  and  happier  as desired  by  the  facilitator.  “Intentions  do  not  fructify overnight, therefore it is better to be in the question than in the answer mode. The subconscious has a way of  throwing  up answers even  when  none  exist  and makes you think of ways and means to get what you want. You may give positive intentions to lose weight, but if you go to the mirror immediately after that and find  no  change,  you  will  be  depressed. Therefore, instead of telling yourself that you are growing thinner and thinner, tell yourself, ‘I wonder how quickly I can achieve my  ideal  weight?’”  he  instructed.  He  also demystified  the  Law  of  Attraction  and  changed  the focus of participants from low-energy statements and thoughts to high-energy affirmations and intentions. In short, he packaged a tight, effective and practical mod- ule for self-improvement during the day-long class.

Day Two
Angel Therapy by Dr. Coomi Vevaina

What a little jig can do to lift your spirit was evident in Dr.  Coomi  Vevaina’s  Angel  Therapy  workshop  when she  exhorted  participants  to  move  to  the  sounds  of Abba’s  I  have  a  dream.  The  exhilarating  start  set  the tone for a day with the angels, ascended masters and spirit  guides.

coomi and delegates jig to the tune of an inspirational pop song

Guardian  angels  are  celestial  beings assigned to each human on this planet and manifest as angel  orbs.  Call  them whenever  you  need  help  and they’ll  make  their  presence  felt  instantly.  One  has  to connect with them with a clear, sincere heart. You can take angelic help to cleanse yourself of negativity and de-addict from unworthy attachments. Dr. Vevaina also shared the Ho’oponopono prayer of gratitude and love as well as demonstrated the opening of higher-dimen- sional  chakras  with  angelic  help.  The  session  was  a joyous affair as participants freely shared their experi- ences and insights, adding a lot to the workshop.

From  Caterpillar  to  Butterfly:  Letting  go  and Dropping old Baggage by Irma Battig

Irma’s workshop focussed on becoming the new per- son fit for the New Age that we have now entered into. She compared  our  present  state  to  a  caterpillar. Wherever  we  are,  we  feed  on  our  surroundings.  But

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when we are transformed, like a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly, we can naturally  spread  beauty  and  joy into our  sur- roundings. “Transformation implies a basic change of character with little or no resemblance to past configuration or structure,” she  said.  Her  workshop  included  various methodologies  to  shift  from  operating  on low-energy vibrations to operating on one’s highest energies.

“The first step is to move out from our sense of victimhood that keeps us trapped into  low  vibration.  Apart  from different types  of  gross  and  subtle  bodies,  we  also carry a pain body which is full of negative energy vibrations. In order to survive, this pain  body  wants  and  invites  more  and more pain and the vicious cycle continues. By becoming aware of it, we can dissolve the pattern.” Then she made participants do practical exercises to identify the pain body, and becoming aware of negative emotions so that they could let them go through quick and amazingly  effective  techniques such  as  the Sedona  method  and  Heart  Math.  She  also shared  a  few  stress-busting  techniques  and extracted  commitment  from  participants  to stay  loyal  to  their  cause  of  self-upliftment.

Practising the Sedona method at Irmas Workshop

“This is a rare opportunity. Amazing energy is pouring into our planet right now. A little resolve and action from your side can bring great changes into your life,” she urged.

Shaktipat and meditation

Mohanji,  the  enigmatic  Muscat-based  guru brought the magical and enlightening Expo to a fitting conclusion with his benign and posi- tive  presence.  Addressing  the  gathering,  he said,  “This  particular  period  is  a  period  of intense changes  and  flux.  The  earth  has

participants making a beeline to get shaktipat from mohanji

decided to move to a different vibratory level, and tran- sition  has  happened  from  the  gross  to  the  subtle.  All those who are willing to shift and move along with the changed  times  will  be  supported  by  the  earth,  but those who are unable to change may have to go. It is time for people to set themselves free of guilt and fear, which bind them on earth. It is not important to master siddhis  or  even  try  to  wake  up  the  kundalini  for supreme awakening. Your job is to clear the path of  kundalini  by  constant  cleansing  of  your  inner self.  When  the  path  is  clear,  kundalini  naturally rises to its logical end. Kundalini is the promise of God  to  man  of  heaven.”  He  also  spoke  in  brief about  his  own  life,  his  travails  and  his  spiritual experiences.  Thereafter,  he  took  everybody through a deep vibrating mantra chanting medita- tion. But his greatest takeaway was the shaktipat. People stood in a row and each one got the divine experience  of  having  Mohanji  raise  their  con- sciousness by cupping their heads and putting his thumb between their eyebrows. Retail therapy The  exhibition  area  of  the  Expo  was  abuzz  with people  milling  around  32  stalls  which  offered alternative  healing  therapies  and  spiritual  products. Roop Lakhani, a mystic science consultant, healer, hypno therapist and tutor, came up with a new launch – Divine Guidance cards – a special pack of six decks of tarot-based cards based on her research, especially for the Life Positive Expo. Similarly, Aroma Treasures came up with a new line of pure essential oils like Basil, Camphor,  Cedarwood,  Bergamot,  exclusively  for  the Expo. People  thronged  the  Access  Consciousness  stall which gave a 10-minute sample healing of their cutting edge Access Bars therapy. California Hypnosis Institute of  India  offers  a  career  in  Integrated  Clinical  hypno- therapy as well as a range of alternative healing therapy workshops.  Moreover,  it  offered  healing  products  like pillows,  balms,  blankets  and  seven  chakra oils.  

life positive expo 2012
visitors thronging the exhibition area

Amitt  Parikh,  The  Mysterious  One, offered  workshops  and sessions on  Integral Mind  Power,  Dream  Yoga  and Integral  Life Consultation.

Yoga  Vidya  Pranic  Healing  Foundation  of Maharashtra  had  people  lining  up  to  gain tremendously from a 15-20 minute session on pranic  healing  facials!  Soul  Healing  India introduced Master Zhi Gang Sha’s ‘Power of Soul’ healing.  “We  are  distributing  CDs  and books free of cost to people who can’t afford sessions and this gives me immense satisfaction,”  said  Akshay  Hegde, Soul Healing, India. Healing Vortex had the biggest stall offering Theta Healing,  Hypnotherapy,  aroma therapy, reiki, crystals, angel cards, feng  shui,  tarot  card  reading, numerology, graphology,  acupres-sure, shankh vaastu and a lot more. Digital  Vastu  offered  Vaastu  guid-ance,  dispelling  and combusting various  prevalent  myths  regarding entrance,  positioning  and  place-ments.  The  Tej  Gyan  Foundation promoted books and CDs based on the teachings of Pune-based guru, Sirsree  Tej  Parkhiji.  T  N  Kapdi  from  Naturo Health Plus endorsed Himalayan Salts in dif- ferent shapes and forms which emit negative ions  to  neutralise  the pollutants.  Life  Line medical and spiritual research center by Dr. Uday Shah offered courses and workshops on Karuna reiki,  graphology,  numerology  and mind  energy.  Ms  Manchanda  of  Serenity Crystals displayed genuine crystals imported from  all  over  the  world,  along  with  chakra healing  wands,  angel  pendants,  as  well  as crystal  healing classes.  Similarly,  Om  enter-

prises  had  a  range  of  spiritual  products  to  offer  from tarot and angel cards to angel pendants and figurines, from crystal  beads  and  pendants  to  crystal  chimes, from chakra healing wands to crystal gazing balls and much more.

People  teemed  to  Alok  Puneet  Chavvi’s  Signature Clinic to get their signatures analyzed using biometric meta-physical  science.  Nourish  Organic  Foods  stall promoted  the  advantage  of  healthy  and  holistic  food options. Anu Mehta offered Meta-medicine and meta- healing  to  people  in  her  stall.  Girme’s  stall  offered wheatgrass  –  the natural food  supplement,  much

faces behind the feat the unstoppable life positive team

appreciated  worldwide.  Star  Health  and  Allied Insurance  Co.  Ltd.,  the  primary  sponsors  of  the Life  Positive  Expo,
showcased  its  varied  products and  policies,  including  its  unique  scheme  for senior citizens, who are generally uncovered by other health schemes.


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