Acceleration Of Planetary Energy And Human Awakening

Do  you  feel  the  vibrational  shift  our  planet  is  undergoing?  The  energy  on earth is speeding up. Time seems to be accelerating. In order to survive and thrive, we need to be in alignment with mother earth’s energy. That can only happen  if  we  raise  our  personal  vibration  as  well,  evolve  and  thus  increase our level of awareness. And we need to do it in a hurry!

Obviously, from the current state of consciousness, we have created a lot of harm  and  agony  on  the  planet.  I  believe  it’s  time  for  that  attitude  to  shift. For  that  to  happen,  we need  to  move from  our  left-brain  dominated  way  of operating  to  an  integrated  approach  that  includes  the  heart,  the  center  of love and intuition.

Because  such  a  change  is  in  alignment  with  the  planetary  shift,  previously esoteric knowledge is becoming mainstream, and faster than we could have imagined. What used to be secret practices are seeing the light of day, more and  more  people  being  initiated  into  them.  Because  the  pace  of transformation  is  accelerating,  we  need  methods  that  work  quickly,  now. Humanity  can’t  afford  to  keep  doing  what  we  have  been  doing  and destroying  our  planet  and  each  other  at  the  current  rate.  That  means  that for most of us, retiring into a cave in the Himalayas for the next 40 years to meditate  and  hope  for  enlightenment  is  probably  not  the  most  appropriate course of action to achieve this transformation.

As  an  increasing  number  of  us  are  ready  to  go  through  the  fire  of transformation,  the  modalities  to  match  this  metamorphosis  are  coming  to the  fore.  When  the  student is  ready,  the  teacher  appears,  so  to  speak.  The self  help  movement  brought  us  modalities  like  self-hypnosis,  positive thinking,  affirmations  and  the  Silva  Mind  Method.  This  opened  the  door  to more esoteric practices that used to be known to the select few only. Some of  them  seem  entirely  novel!  Often  they  are  transmitted  to  individuals  who are  in  crisis  and  who  receive  this  information  through  inspiration  or channeling. They try it out, heal themselves almost miraculously, share their method  with  family  and  friends,  and  then  start  imparting  them  to  a  larger audience.

These  methods  are  not  to  be  mistaken  for  a  quick  fix!  Many  can  save  you years  of  psychotherapy  in  a  few  sittings!  I  know  from  personal  experience, and  from  my  clients’.  I  have  also  seen  physical  ailments  disappear  in minutes thanks to some simple looking healing method that one could easily underestimate. The possibilities are literally limitless. And: These tools work whether one believes in them or not!