“Become the change you want to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi


Irma Bättig – The Emotional Wealth Coach

Irma specializes in transforming people’s lives and increasing their wellness and happiness quotients! Over the past 20 years, she has personally worked with clients and students from across the globe and from all walks of life. With her holistic, highly intuitive and result oriented approach, she has assisted thousands in improving their physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and financial health.

“Irma’s approach to healing is unique and powerful. She generously shares her knowledge and the keys to fill your heart with love.”
Mathilde, Spiritual Teacher, Dubai

A graduate from Concordia University, Montreal, Irma returned to her birth country, Switzerland, to pursue a successful corporate career in PR and communications. She worked for some of the world’s largest corporations. As a member of the top management of a multi-billion dollar global conglomerate, she was instrumental in the management of change and cultural transformation of the company.

At 33, she felt called to embark on a spiritual quest. She got married and moved to the USA, starting all over for the third time in her life. She has been studying with renowned teachers, healers and coaches from all over the world ever since. She impersonates the old adage that the only constant is change, having learned to adapt to various circumstances and cultures from an early age and considering herself a global citizen.

Irma assists her clients and students in their personal journey of transformation which is required from each one of us if we want to keep up with a rapidly shifting world and if we want to grow as individuals. For that purpose, she has been developing effective and efficient therapeutic approaches, programs and seminars that she has been offering on four continents. They range from ancient Shamanic rituals to cutting-edge techniques that she has assimilated over the years and shaped into an art form.

“Having experimented with almost every alternative healing method across multiple countries over the past 5 years, there are only 2 people who have had a profound and lasting impact on my life: The world renowned Anthony Robbins… And Irma Battig! Anthony helped unleash my full potential – gave me a second chance at life and helped me create the life of my dreams. Irma gifted me with the inner peace to enjoy it! She helped me lay to rest the demons of my past, find my true self and unlocked my inner power through a level of self-awareness and consciousness that has completely transformed my experience of life! How blessed we are by her many gifts! ”

Emily Harrison, Business Owner, India

Irma has been living in India for the past eight years, including a year in the foothills of the Himalayas. She currently offers individual sessions in Bandra, Mumbai, as well as at her ecological farm house in Chowk, 60 km east of Mumbai. In the latter location, she and her Indian husband also welcome clients for Residential Intensives. Their abode in nature is an ideal environment to unwind, reconnect and transform.

Her home is also a model home of Azulverde Living a company of her husband and she have created to propagate green technologies as well as the building of eco-friendly homes that are healthy to inhabit and leave a minimal eco-footprint. The environment we live in is crucial to our own health and happiness. Along with assisting clients individually, Irma considers her contribution to the health of the planet to be in full alignment with her mission and life purpose. We cannot be truly healthy if our planet is ailing.

What prompted her to coin the term “Emotional Wealth” and to make it a focus of her work with individuals and groups? Life has taught Irma that as long as we depend on external factors to be happy, we are prisoners of circumstances. Freedom and joy are internal states, the capital that no one can take away from us. Just like Transformational Coaching and Healing, Emotional Wealth Coaching is a culmination of her own extensive life experience and her ceaseless study of traditional methods as well as state of the art approaches. They are Irma’s contribution to not only cope with but thrive in the tumultuous world we have created.

Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day I can hear her breathing.

Arundhati Roy

Working with Irma both in the “Letting Go – Dropping Old Baggage” seminar as well as Transformational Coaching has been an incredible inward journey, helping me reconnect with my own truth. In the busy day-to-day it became easy for me to forget how to connect with myself. This disconnect slowly began manifesting itself in negative ways which seemed beyond my understanding. Yet in the last few weeks under Irma’s guidance, there has been a return to the healing qualities of love, forgiveness and peace all of which are crucial for a lasting sense of inner happiness. Not only is Irma perceptive and caring, she also radiates beauty that is healing in itself!.

A. Rao, Student, UK


BA in Communication Studies, Concordia University, Montreal


  • Master Results Coach
  • Master NLP
  • Master Hypnosis
  • Master Neurological Re-patterning
  • Master Performance Coach
  • Visionary Craniosacral Therapy, Milne Institute
  • Craniosacral Therapy, Sacred Journey Institute
  • Trigger Point Release


Sessions and seminars can be conducted in English, German and French.

Prior Work Experience

Irma worked in the field of communications for ten years, culminating with a position as Communications Officer and Member of the Top Management of ABB Industrie AG, a highly reputable and innovative billion dollar company in Switzerland. Irma was considered the cultural ambassador of the company, heavily involved in organizational transformation and also in charge of equality of opportunities. Irma was pursuing a dream career, following her passion and changing deep seated structures and mental attitudes that were not adapted to the times anymore.

After five years in that highly motivating but also stressful position, she realized a new chapter of her life was announcing itself. She had other gifts to explore and left the corporate world. As the time was ripe, the transition happened seamlessly and soon she was not only studying healing modalities, but also working with friends and clients, helping them heal their ailments. Irma’s multicultural and varied background helps her understand people of different backgrounds as well as the wide variety of issues that ail them.

I called Irma as I had chronic neck pain and a severe shoulder ache which I had been suffering with for years. I did the Transformational Coaching Program with her. This has changed my life completely. All my physical bodily aches have disappeared. Before meeting Irma, I was really unhappy both at work and at home – I felt like there was nothing to live for. I can truly say that she has helped me find my calling. I am also happier in my relationship with my husband and children. Now I am always happy – nothing gets me down!

S.J., Lawyer, UK